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Find Out How to Write the Perfect Resume!

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❶If you feel like you might need support with your writing, it could be a good idea to drop by the UTS: Completed a Pharmacy Assistant Training Course Undertook 4 product training courses Trained 2 new staff members Developed new system of recording client information which increased efficiency and access Compare these examples Exercise:

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What to mention
How far back should you go?

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Bring your cup and help yourself to a coffee or hot chocolate along with a cookie! Need help with an assignment? Editing the student magazine, volunteering for events, or providing support to charities over holiday periods are all great examples of situations where you can highlight your skills and accomplishments without having necessarily completed paid work.

Detailing any awards or achievements is also a good idea when trying to highlight your abilities! If any of your accomplishments can be referred to using numbers and statistics eg. Did you show leadership in your previous job, and this is a skill required for the one you are applying for? Mention it, and say how you did so! An easy mistake to make, especially when stressed out in trying to submit an application on a deadline, is forgetting to look for grammar and spelling errors.

Regardless of the job you are applying for, Australian employers generally want employees with good attention to detail and a successful grasp of the English language. Missing a few misspelt words or bits of punctuation might not seem like much, but it could mean the difference between getting called in for an interview or not hearing back at all.

If you feel like you might need support with your writing, it could be a good idea to drop by the UTS: Following this, you can refer to the acronym throughout the rest of your resume. Make sure to use the appropriate tenses for the experiences you are mentioning ie. Past tense for previous experiences , and use action verbs when describing your responsibilities where possible. If you can, get someone else to read over your resume before you submit it, to pick up on any errors you may have missed!

Careers has a number of fantastic resources available to you when it comes to writing a successful resume. On our website , you can find a clear breakdown of the sections your resume should include and how it should be formatted. If you want some more detailed advice, visit our office in the Tower Building CB So what are you waiting for?

Giving students the opportunity to meet and network with industry professionals and employers, this annual event is a fantastic way to have your questions answered and curiosity quenched. Featured image courtesy of Pexels. Ever wanted to polish your skills as an interviewer while meeting stand-out candidates?

We're still looking for those with a desire to build recruitment skills as part of the UTS Accomplish award during September https: University of Technology Sydney. Breaking bad habits and challenging yourself is the best way to createthefutureyou! Find new ways of broadening your opportunities.

Start saying YES to networking, events, volunteering and internships. Your journey starts here: See More See Less. If you're eager to explore multiple career pathways, never fear! Gone are the days when people work one job for their entire lifespan.

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Resume and cover letter review. Resume Writing Toolkit via CareerHub > Resources > Resume; UTS Careers website > Resumes and applications > Your resume In submitting your resume to UTS Careers Service you are consenting to all information you submit being reviewed by Career Consultants.

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Writing your resume University of Technology, Sydney as well as liaison with police, councils, community service groups, volunteers, sponsors and media. Organised production of leaflets and promotional material and distributed and directed operations on the day. Responsible for budget and the financial success of events.

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By Mia Casey When it comes to resumes, the employment history section often trips people up. How far back should you go? What roles should you mention? Does formatting even matter that much? How many details should you include? With so many questions circling the topic, we thought we’d provide some guidance and help you [ ]. Resume writing: It’s hard to find anyone who actively enjoys on for a few comprehensive pieces of advice on writing the perfect resume!

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