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Mental health implications for birthparents, adoptive parents, and adopted Children. Changing the rates of misdiagnosis in psychiatry. African Americans ; Disparities ; Mental health.

Chemical dependency continuing education programs for pharmacists, social workers, and nurses: Making up for lost time.

Addictions ; Social work education. Child abuse medical examinations in Texas. Child care collaboration and outcome evaluation. Child Care Markey Rate Survey. Families, children and youth ; Organizational functioning. Child health and development in the Mexican American population. Child Welfare Education Collaboration.

Childhood cancer survivor resiliency. Children with special health care needs and transition. Preconception approach to reducing alcohol and tobacco-exposed pregnancy. An alternative mental health approach in New Orleans. Evaluation of a standardized, interprofessional instrument.

Bridging the Gap Evaluation. Comparative effectiveness trial of early integrated telemedicine versus in-person palliative care for patients with advanced lung cancer- REACH-PC. Comprehensive care of children with medical complexity. Creating an evidence-based program to build resiliency in child abuse staff and volunteers. A social work response. Addictions ; Gerontology ; Social work education. Cultural competence for chemical dependence treatment programs serving African Americans and Mexican Americans.

Addictions ; African Americans ; Latinos. Culturally adapted brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking Latinos. Culturally grounded drug resistance videos for high risk youth. Culturally relevant model of smoking cessation among Latinos. Dating Violence prevention project. Defense Initiated Victim Outreach: A pilot in two states. Defining and assessing spirituality for women coping with partner abuse.

Developing a built environment measure for use in urban adolescent health research. Developing a toolkit for law enforcement to address sexual assault. Developing a web-based intervention for adolescents in distress: Latinos ; Mental health. Developing clinical interventions for family members of homicide victims.

Development of a Curriculum in Cultural Diversity. Development of outcome measures for sexual assault organizations in Texas. Permanency, visitation, and trauma-informed workforce. Does a brief preventive intervention affect PTSD outcomes? Drinking, driving and drugs: Trajectories of DWI recidivism and how to intervene.

Addictions ; Mental health ; Organizational functioning. Education outreach program evaluation for Austin Guitar Society. Effectiveness of EMDR among girls in a residential treatment center.

Addictions ; Mental health. Effectiveness of EMDR therapy. Effectiveness of Good Chemistry Groups with dually diagnosed consumers.

El Paso Domestic Violence Project: Employability for refugee families in Central Texas. Enhancing psychological capital to foster health outcomes in homeless young women. Environmental effects on disparities in smoking and obesity among women. Epidemiology of drinking and disorders in border vs. Ethnicity and faith-based treatment.

Evaluation of Expect Respect: A domestic violence prevention project for elementary school students. Evaluation of Managed Care Pilots. Evaluation of sexual assault services in Texas. Evaluation of the BabySafe Program. Evaluation of the BabySafe program for pregnant battered women. Evaluation of the Exceptional Care Pilot Project.

Evaluation of the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Evaluation of the Ohio Department of Health protocol for the treatment of sexual assault survivors. Evaluation study of post-adoption services. Exploring the effects of parental deportation on U. Exploring the experiences of Latino adolescent young adults with advanced cancer and those who care for them. Family and school contexts as predictors of early childhood Latino development. Family engagement in youth recovery. Family involvement in treatment initiation among Latinos with first-episode psychosis.

Family Support Research and Training Center. Family-based substance use treatment for runaway youth. Fathers of offspring with severe mental illness. Mental health ; Parenting. FEDI replication and evaluation in Maryland. Forgiveness, resilience, and survivorship among Holocaust survivors. Full Court Press Texas: Improving the knowledge about and responses to domestic violence and sexual assault in Texas. Providing expert witness training and technical assistance on domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Geriatric Social Work Initiative. Girling Health Care, Inc. Grants to encourage mandatory arrest policies for rural areas. Gerontology ; Social work education. Statewide sexual assault prevalence study.

Health profiles of Asian Americans in the new millennium. Health Survey of Texans: A Focus on Sexual Assault Experiences. Healthy Community Collaboratives Evaluation. Healthy Marriage initiatives for refugee families. Hispanic adolescent alcohol use and health-risk behavior. Home and community-based services — Adult mental health implementation support.

Hope and meaning-making in individuals with advanced cancer. How does motivational interviewing work? Human Trafficking Coalition — project evaluation. Human Trafficking Coalition Project Evaluation: Immigration-related stress and suicidal behavior among Latino adolescents. Implementation science for mental health services. Improving social connectedness in home-bound seniors by integrating telehealth behavioral activation into home-delivered meals services.

Gerontology ; Mental health. Increasing breast and cervical cancer screening in rural, frontier, and border counties. Innovative Teaching via a Therapy Dog. Integrated services for homeless persons: Evaluation services for the Center for Health Care Services.

Lori Mangrum Tom Bohman, Ph. Intensive case management models for pregnant and parenting teens. Interpersonal violence and adolescent mothers. Investigating politeness in Asian sign languages. Jobs opportunities and basic skills survey. Teaching coping skills and building resilience post natural disaster. Juvenile drug court evaluation. African Americans ; Disparities ; Sexual health. Labor market outcomes of Mexican immigrants: Implications for public policy.

Latino students academic achievement: The role of early-childhood family and school characteristics. Leveraging the teachable moment to improve brief interventions in healthcare. Limited English proficiency and health care among older immigrants. Linking community and family characteristics to adolescent adjustment. Lived experience of recovery from severe mental illness. Long-term outcomes of child protection mediation on permanency for children in foster care.

Longitudinal neighborhood poverty change and racial disparities in birth outcomes. Meaning of cancer survivorship for Hispanic adolescents. Measuring the effectiveness of peer-led improvisational theatre techniques in changing student attitudes and behaviors toward interpersonal violence.

Medicaid Infrastructure Resource Mapping. Mental health and substance abuse needs of HIV-infected persons in Texas. Mental health literacy education for religious leaders in ethnic minority communities. Asian Americans ; Mental health. Mental health needs of low-income older Texans. Mental health recovery and resilience. Mental health treatment of female children and adolescent sex offenders. Mental Status Examination Assistant. Mexican-American families in border and urban settings.

Mexican-American parenting and early childhood development. Latinos ; Mental health ; Parenting. Minority drug abuse prevention and treatment. Money Follows the Person: Behavioral health demonstration project. Monitoring the changing methamphetamine market in the Austin area. Multidisciplinary approach to reduce injury and substance abuse. Multidisciplinary approach to reducing injury and alcohol use. National Outcomes Health Indicators. Ohio Violence Against Women — Services needs assessment.

Parent-child connectedness and adolescent pregnancy prevention. PeerPeer teen pregnancy prevention evaluation. Peer-support preferences among adolescent and young adult oncology patients. Post-disaster worker empowerment journal assessment. Post-doctoral training in promoting health equity in cardiovascular disease. Prevention of substance abuse with college student veterans.

Programs, practices, and strategies in African-American communities that promote mental health and well-being. Addictions ; African Americans ; Mental health. When it comes to social work, doing an effective job is much harder than it looks. If you intend to conduct high-quality research in this respected field, you would do well to pick a subject from the social work research topics list below.

It can be hard to make a real difference to the problems that infect our modern society. Make sure that when you take a look at the social research proposal topics below, you pick a subject you feel uniquely qualified to tackle. You might pleasantly surprised by the academic assistance just a few well-chosen words can offer you.

Social work research proposal ideas are numerous and vary in their quality and thus overall usefulness. This exhaustive list will help you to narrow down your options and pick a purposeful topic that is of great interest to you. Ask an expert social scientist to help you in making your final decision. The most commonly bandied about piece of expert advice is that you must enjoy your subject.

Aside from all of the explicitly and often contradictory academic points of advice that might be given by various people, they can all agree on the fact that enthusiasm is the key to success. Your desire to learn and improve the knowledge base of your chosen field is what will help you to pass through the trials of research relatively unscathed.

Writing a social work research as a service from us is easy to seek through our online order and payment procedure. You can follow the following steps to seek services for writing social work research:.

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Sep 09,  · Social Work Dissertation Topics. A great selection of free social work dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation.

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Are you interested in school social work? Examine the differing roles of a school social worker in rural and urban settings, or in primary vs. secondary schools. 2.

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Jul 26,  · Research Topic Ideas. Social Work Topics; Related Guides Research Process by Liz Svoboda Last Updated Jul 26, views this year Research Topic Ideas by Liz Svoboda Last Updated Jul 26, Subjects: Social Sciences, Social Work. Tags: domestic. Having a well-chosen topic for your social work research paper can help you to earn a high grade; later, it can be a deciding factor for a desired job. Choose a topic you are interested in and want to pursue in your future career.

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You can always get excellent social work research topics irrespective of your level of study. Things to Consider When Looking for Social Work Research Topics One thing you need to understand is that choosing the right research topic is the most important step in writing your dissertation, thesis, or research report. Social Work Questia, your online research library and paper writing resource, contains thousands of scholarly articles and books about Social Work. Social work is the attempt to acclimate or rehabilitate the socially disabled, to normal social life and productivity.