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Helpful Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline

Importance of Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline

❶These assaults are often in the form of physical injury, but may also be in the form of sexual assault.

Essay, term paper, research paper: Domestic Abuse

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Gun violence as a public health issue and the Second Amendment
A Civil Right

Here at Ultius , we will explore how, on one hand, proponents of gun ownership claim that gun regulation infringes on their civil liberties, whereas opponents of gun ownership point to the idea that a reduction in the availability of firearms would certainly reduce gun violence overall. Even if your mind is made up on the issue of gun violence and regulation, feel free to check out this research paper on gun violence to see if you've considered all the aspects to this important issue.

In the United States there is a gun for every citizen with approximately million firearms held by citizens in their homes. While this right is considered fundamental, healthcare professionals are observing an alarming rate of death and injury based on gun violence. Further analysis of the data show that young people are several times more likely to be killed by a firearm in the United States than in any other industrialized country.

The prevalence of these incidences are not new, they are continuing. In this sample research paper from Ultius , the phenomenon of the death and injury rate of citizens and young people is examined concluding that gun violence is a public health concern.

On this particular issue, the second amendment is a barrier to the role of government. However, it is not insurmountable as more than two centuries of court cases have paved a way for balance between the right to bear arms and the health and safety of the community. This paper presents gun violence as a public health issue.

Outlines the scope of the second amendment and public health advocacy issues regarding gun violence. Discusses civil rights concerns for the use of privileged health care information regarding the mental health of patients in centralized databases.

Gun ownership by citizens in the United States is much greater than in other industrialized countries. This rate of death and injury has continued and remained steady. This data shows that a small to medium sized town is lost every year to domestic gun ownership. Not only economically costly, data shows that young people are particularly affected by gun violence. Of gun related deaths,. Firearms are considered to be an efficient way to commit suicide. Most people are successful in their suicides when they use a gun.

This rate is much higher than those who attempt suicide by overdose. The survivability of a suicide attempt from an attempted overdose is greater because there is more time for healthcare to intervene. Regardless of this, 1 in 5 young people involved in a shooting will die, while 4 are injured Reich et al.

It is generally illegal for juveniles to own handguns. If they come into possession of one it is usually a gift, a theft, or happens to be present in the household. Having a gun in the house increases the likelihood that it will be used. This is logical, however, the reported intent for individuals owning guns is self-defense and protection. Research disputes this and shows that the gun is more likely to be used in an unintended way.

These data support that gun violence is a public health problem in as much as it is indeed affecting the health of the community but it is largely preventable.

Healthcare has an obligation to identify things that are damaging to the public health. Healthcare advocates for the use of helmets for motorcyclists, antismoking campaigns, and other public health issues because the observations of healthcare show that there is a problem and that these problems can be fixed with certain legal changes.

Gun violence is presenting itself to be a significant social issue at this time and this is a ripe opportunity for healthcare to present its findings. Considering these facts, healthcare is in a critical social role in advocating the responsible regulation of gun ownership from a public health perspective.

The statistics for the effect of gun violence on the public health present a clear problem affecting the health of young people in the United States. As the data outlined here shows, the deleterious effects of gun violence have been present in the United States for quite some time. This problem has existed preceding the tragedy of Newtown. Consent is a critical factor when determining if sexual assault has occurred. Non-consent or ambiguous consent cannot be construed as affirmative consent.

Victims of sexual assault may not be able to give consent due to age, illness, or impairment or may be intimidated through physical violence or threats Basile et al. Historically, rapes and sexual assaults were believed to be perpetrated against women by strangers, but current data shows that women are much more likely to be sexually assaulted by men with whom they are acquainted.

In fact, estimates suggest that 82 percent of all victims of sexual assault know their assailant Basile et al. The majority of first-time rape victims are young; 71 percent of all rapes occur before the victim reaches the age of eighteen. Young women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-four are the most at risk for being raped Feminist Majority Foundation, Although women are susceptible in almost any situation, a college campus has unique elements that contribute to higher rates of sexual assault Franiuk, College women report they "often feel emotionally and psychologically coerced into sex" Feminist Majority Foundation, A study of 3, college women surveyed indicated that more than 50 percent reported being sexually victimized and 15 percent were victims of rape.

The statistics were re-affirmed by subsequent and studies Franiuk, Colleges have higher rates of sexual assault than non-college settings because of the prevalence of Franiuk, Researchers and sociologist believe that heightened awareness and education for both men and women can reduce the instances of sexual assault at colleges and universities.

One such study provided students with a number of different scenarios and asked them to decide which of the situations constituted sexual assault. Student perceptions revealed that many young people do not have an accurate picture or definition of what constitutes sexual assault. In a large number of cases, incidents that met the legal definition of rape or sexual assault went unreported simply because the young women involved did not perceive the incident as a sexual assault.

This paper will discuss the violence toward both women and children. It is widely understood that most estimates of the commonness of domestic violence are understated. Even large population surveys cannot provide accurate estimates of the amount of domestic violence. This is partly because many victims feel unable to speak out about domestic violence.

The pressures of negative society attitudes toward victims, feelings of shame, and fear of retribution from the person responsible for add to low levels of disclosure of domestic violence.

Also, because domestic violence often occurs in the privacy of the home, there are few outside witnesses. Statistics from public agencies such as police, courts, counseling and accommodation services are another source of information. However, these can only provide information about people who come to public attention, many victims never contact such agencies. Some agencies do not collect statistics on domestic violence, and those that do define and record domestic violence in different ways.

The Women's Safety Survey in surveyed approximately 6, women about their experience of actual or threatened physical and sexual violence. Based on the survey results fig. Now we pose the question, why would a woman been brutally beaten, maybe even crippled, whose pregnancy is lost, or many other effects remain with a "loved one" who might beat her to death?

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This sample research paper on domestic violence features: + words (26 pages), an outline, APA format in-text citations, and a bibliography with 31 sources.

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This sample research paper on gun violence in the United States, and why instances of it seem to be on the rise, despite opposition from gun control advocates/5(6). Free Violence papers, essays, and research papers. The Psychoanalysts of Violence - The film “Battle for Algiers” can be analyzed thoroughly through Frantz Fanon’s and Hannah Arendt’s polar opposite theories on violence.

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Domestic Violence Research Paper Examples. Domestic violence occurs when a current or former intimate partner exerts dominance and control READ MORE HERE. Importance of Domestic Violence Research Paper Outline. It is possible to create your research paper without an outline but if you want to ensure that this will impact a wider audience, you should be able to make use of a good outline.