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The 9 Best Places to Do Community Service
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The 9 Best Places to Do Community Service Below is a list of the most common places to perform community service. Each place has a brief description, examples of work you might perform as a volunteer and suggestions for the types of people who might be .

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Receive local teen volunteer opportunities. Students track community service hours, create digital portfolio, earn awards and scholarships. Conveniently track all of your volunteer hours in one place--whether you find service opportunities via Lion’s Heart or on your own; STEP 3: ACHIEVE.

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Seek community service opportunities that support education and literacy in the community. Speak to volunteer coordinators at public schools about obtaining clearance to regularly volunteer in a classroom or mentor a high-risk student. Many schools have structured after-school programs run by volunteers that feature both fun activities and tutoring. Unfortunately, there are no keyword options available, so it may be a little more difficult to match your court ordered community service requirements with a specific organization or cause. You can enter the field or subject you wish to work in, your city and state.

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VolunteerMatch recruiting solutions for nonprofits Get connected to qualified volunteers when and where you need them. With more volunteers and more volunteer opportunities than any other service, VolunteerMatch is how good people and good causes get connected. Do you need to complete Community Service & Volunteer hours that require % anonymity? Call the number below now. Are you a physician, dentist, lawyer or other busy professional who has been court-ordered to complete a certain amount of hours of community service? The Diversified Intervention Group has strict policies in regards to keeping.