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Making a Difference Essay Sample

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❶Winner Colleen Newton Fairview Middle School As students, we are constantly making decisions that shape the rest of our lives.

Making a Difference Essay Sample

A quick idea has easily morphed into a cherished ritual, and that alone should demonstrate the impact community service can have on your life. Something as small as caring about something can change the outlook of your future. Whether you have a half-joking notion to become an actress, or a probing curiosity for science, or a love for animals: As a child you think that you could never make a difference in the world, but you can. It all starts with your thoughts.

They soon become words, which becomes your actions, which become your habits, which become your character, which becomes your destiny. Keep your thoughts on what really matters. If your thoughts are straight, then your words will be too. If you care about a goal it will be in your thoughts. Then, as the words start flowing out you will get closer to making that dream a reality. I sometimes think about how I can better myself and my community. After thinking about it enough I started to talk about it and before I knew it I was in the Hope Community kitchen cooking for the homeless.

As you are acting out your thoughts and words you start to make it a habit to help. At first it may seem like going out of your way, but after a while it just becomes part of your daily life. Last summer I went on a mission trip to Haiti. There, I went to different orphanages and handed out shoes. It was a wonderful experience and you knew that you were making a difference when a child would smile at you.

It really warmed my heart to know that I can help the less fortunate. You would be surprised how a little goes a long way. Habits are a major part of your character. If you have good, kind habits it will show in your character. I joined because I thought it would be a great way to better myself.

Since I joined, the club has done many things to help around town. Even though I never got to meet the children, I knew that I did put a smile on their faces. I was able to take my thoughts and draw them out all the way so that they became my destiny. Hopefully, Mahatma Gandhi would have been proud of me. My thoughts were mean, targeting others.

I gave no thought to the words either, until I started to act upon them. I acted as though I was better than the people closest to me. The thoughts came in seconds, and a minute later they were flying from my mouth. A minute after that I was acting like someone completely different, someone I never wanted to be. I never gave much thought to habits, because for me, they were just another part of my day, something unavoidable.

Today I spend most of my time erasing those habits and making better ones. These things that built upon each other are still haunting me today. They threaten my future, torture my past, and are with me in every moment of each day.

I never thought that the things I said would still be impacting me so far down the road. One day my friend had told me about the bullying that was going on. How could someone go around tormenting someone the way they were? After my friend had told me about that I knew I had to something. The bell rang for recess and I spotted the boy who had been bullying my friend. I walked right over there and told him that the things he was saying are hurtful.

Then I told him he had to apologize. Ever since then, that bully never bullied my friend again. It felt good that I stood up for someone and made their school life a lot better. Since that experience I have always stood up for anyone who was getting bullied.

Making a difference not only helps the person who got helped, but it can be really life changing for you too. I want to make this world a better place. I think it is important for us all to be kind, caring, and helpful. So I challenge you to go and make a difference in the world. If you enjoyed this essay, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to This I Believe, Inc. Sign up for our free, weekly podcast of featured essays. You can download recent episodes individually, or subscribe to automatically receive each podcast.

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Essays - I Will Make a Difference I think that it is important for me to look around and ask myself what kind of things I can do to help my country.

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I believe that commiting myself to service & making a difference in. The world for more than myself is the most important creed. When you. Make a difference you help others and also help yourself. You set a positive. Example for those around you to follow. In the world today we need many /5(2). I believe In Making A Difference In The World. Zoe - Kaysville, Utah. Entered on October 6, Age Group: Under Themes: empathy & compassion, responsibility. Sponsor This Essay. To make a difference in this world I have to continue to help people, start making a difference in people’s lives, and make the world a better place one step.

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