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Coping With Grief: How to Handle Your Emotions

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❶The content may be difficult to process so soon after your own loss. The son has to live close to the grave site for 3 years.

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Grief & Bereavement

Other sources like the website www. A classic example of a person suffering great trauma and loss is the story of Job in the Bible, whose loss comes up because of his faith in God being tested.

He loses all his children and almost all servants as well as all his wealth, which raiders stole. In addition to this, sores strike his own body from his head to his toe. Job has bouts of anger too as revealed in Job Interestingly, Job does not really get to the denial stage and seems to have accepted his fate all though. In Islam, there is a story in the Quran about a man called Yusuf who also does experience grief when his brothers abandoned him and sold him into slavery in Egypt.

He reacts to his first misfortune initially by depression, wondering why his brothers would do such a wicked thing against him, and then while still in the well where his brothers dumped him, he quickly gets to the stage of acceptance. He refuses and soldiers throw him to prison. In prison, he gets to the bargaining stage where he tells a fellow prisoner who was about to be released to remember him to the king once he gets his freedom.

The stage of anger is evident when he refuses to get out prison unless declared innocent. The process of grieving is ultimately geared towards healing the emotional wound brought about by calamity or loss Worden, The final product of the process is joy and contentment.

In the above models, the final stage includes acceptance and hope, which are precursors to joy. At first, however, many people are resistant to picking up their lives again. But gradually, hope typically breaks through and they struggle to move on and live without their loved one. The person may continue to experience pangs of grief during this period, but they become increasingly less frequent.

Although for many people it takes approximately a year to reach the point of resolution, it is not uncommon for it to take two or three years.

Mourning at a low level of intensity may even continue indefinitely Coon, However, grief can also be complicated by adjustment disorders, major depressive disorder, substance abuse, or post-traumatic stress disorder. In this type of complicated grief, the symptoms of grieving last significantly longer, cause greater interference with normal functioning, or express themselves in more intense symptoms e. If complicated grief is suspected, it is important to seek professional help.

However, although reactions in grief appear to be universal, the five stages of grief are not so. Although the five stages are commonly observed reactions to death and dying, it is important to note that not every terminally ill person exhibits all these reactions nor do those who do necessarily go through them in the same order.

Not everyone experiences all five stages of grief and some people experience one or more stages multiple times. Although many people have these responses and may even have them in the order listed, not every does. Further, not everyone goes through all the stages. In addition, for some people, the grieving process may be cyclic, and the individual will experience one stage more than one time before resolution is finally reached.

Clinical practitioners recommend a number of actions to help someone successfully go through the grieving process. Although shock and denial are part of the initial reaction to a loss, eventually the death of the other person needs to be faced and accepted. During this process it is important not to isolate oneself from those individuals who will be willing to listen and not judge, and will help one go through whatever process is necessary. It is particularly important to discuss one's feelings with friends and relatives who are also going through their own grieving process over the loss of the deceased.

Catholics deny the event, they become angry, they attempt to bargain, they feel depressed, and over time, they learn to accept. Much like Job is thousands and thousands of years ago. My own personal way to grieving is probably much different than the average person. When a loved one dies, I feel sad, but I do not display sadness nor do I cry.

Instead, I celebrate them. I celebrate their life and encourage others to do the same. You would have never of guessed I had just lost my Mom when she passed away a few years ago. Instead of enduring the five stages of grief, I bypass the first four stages and fell into the acceptance stage. I accepted that she was too sick to be here on Earth and her passing was actually a beautiful moment at which I no longer saw the pain and struggle in her eyes.

I am confident that she felt a sense of relief as well. After researching the stages of grief, the writer of this paper is more aware of the process that is needed to people to spirituality be able to heal after a significant event. During the grief process, people experience many emotions, which is clearly defined in the five stages of grief. To acknowledge that Job encountered grief many, many years ago in the exact same way people do now in modern age is reassuring and comforting.

Upon completing research of grief, the information learned has not changed by view of grief; however it has made me more aware of the various ways that people react to grief. Accessed September 14, We will write a custom essay sample on Healthy Grief specifically for you. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

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Grief is a common thread to each and every person on the planet. Identifying the stages of grief, and having the resources and skills to cope with grief is crucial for handling grief in a healthy way. Healthy Grief Essay Running Head: HEALTHY GRIEF A Comparative Study of the Grieving Process HLT V Spirituality in Health Care May 21, A Comparative Study of the Grieving Process Grief is the natural reaction to a major loss such as the demise of a loved one.