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Generation Gap: Essay, Article, Paragraph, Speech

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❶Yet again new ideas, values and believes are prevailing in our daily lives due to the progress and advancement of time and technologies. People belonging to one generation are very different from the other which is natural.

Short Essay on Generation Gap

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Long Essay on Generation Gap

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Generation Gap Essay 1 ( words) Generation Gap or Generational gap means a kind of difference in the thoughts, lifestyle, work of interest and opinions among people of different age group. Generation .

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The gap between the old people and the young is called the generation gap. It is the difference in the attitude, priorities, and views among generations. As to the different attitude of life, the people belonging to the old generation always wonder what has gone wrong with the new generation/5(12).

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Generation Gap is a term which is given to the gap between two generations-one the past and the other the forthcoming. Everything is affected with the change of time-the . Generation gap refers to the difference in opinion, values and viewpoint amongst generations, especially between parents, grandparents and children. Well, unless parents and children are born at the same time, generation gap is an unavoidable occurrence.

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Generation Gap Essay – 1 ( words) People born in different ages are different from each other in various aspects. The world is changing at a rapid pace and thus the difference between people born in different times is inevitable. Generation Gap Essay ESSAY: THE GENERATION GAP IS ONE WHICH CANNOT BE BRIDGED Generation gap can be defined as an opposed division between younger people and older ones. It can be perceived in cultural as well as political fields of society nowadays.