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The Petronas Twin Towers Essay

What happened on 9/11

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Targeting the World Trade Center
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No one really knows or have a clue to what really caused Ramzi to attack, but all we know is that the attack was one of the worst attacks in the city of New York. On the morning of February 26, Ramzi drove a Raydar van which he rented 2 days before into the parking garage of one of the World Trade Center buildings.

He then lit a foot fuse bomb and quickly drove away. The bomb was so powerful that the smoke rose up to the 93rd floor in the tower. It was very difficult to evacuate the people in the towers due to the fact that the smoke was very thick in the halls and the stairways. Many wondered what was going on and all was terrified and confused into why the building was smoking. Not being able to see caused a lot of people being trapped inside the tower longer than others.

A group of 17 kindergartners were trapped in the elevators along with hundreds of other people amongst both towers. Most of the people injured were on the lower floors because they were Williams 3 right above the garage. Many wondered why he attacked at a time that was less crowed than usual. Surprisingly the towers took less than a month to be repaired, cleaned, and back in business. Tuesday, September 11, , seemed like a pretty average day until 8: American Airlines Flight 11 leaving Boston crashed into the North Tower between the 96th and the rd floor, killing all 92 passengers, including the 9 flight attendants and both pilots.

Just 15 minutes later, United Airlines Flight crashed into the South Tower on the 80th floor killing 65 passengers. When the first plane crashed, thousands of people who were on the 96th floor or above were killed instantly. Most people jumped out the windows because there was nothing else to do nor was there anywhere to go. Although the North Tower was hit first, the South Tower had collapsed less than in hour later, due to the fact that it was hit lower.

All firefighters, soldiers, police officers and everyone else who was trying to escape were crushed. Exactly 29 minutes later, the North Tower joined its twin as it crashed onto the ground killing hundreds and thousands of people that was in and around both towers.

People on the ground were running for their lives as clouds of debris and smoke covered the streets of lower Manhattan.

Due to the fact that the Twin Towers was big, no one really knows exactly how many people were dead, but they were able to estimate that about 2, people were dead or missing, including the 19 hijackers. The North Tower has been estimated to have killed almost 1, people, and the South people. There were mostly people between the ages of 35 and 39 that died. About 3, children lost their family members. The attack also destroyed 98 vehicles, and 99 days after the attack the fire continued to burn.

Of all the people who were still in the towers when they collapsed, only 20 were pulled out alive. Over the next 8 months, the New York Fire Department was divided into four groups and was assigned to organize, clean-up, and search for survivors and human remains.

Lots of people thought that it would take over a year to clean up all of the debris left by the towers, but Williams 5 they were finished by May 30, without any workers being seriously injured. One of the reasons the architects designed it this way, was to create as many profitable cornered offices. Also, they believed that this was the most wind resistance design.

After a detailed study involving more than soil test, it was decided that the site of the Twin Towers, was to be moved 50 metres away from its original location.

Now, the towers are built on a acre site called Kuala Lumpur City Centre, on a foundation of a 4. Although Malaysia is not located within any seismically active zones, the architects nevertheless were challenged to come up with an economically buildable frame which can accept large amount of stress and loads.

For that reason, the towers have been designed to withstand wind forces based upon a design wind speed of kph. Another challenge was to design a frame that would take the enormous weight of the building about , tonnes.

Therefore the towers have 29 double-deck high speed passenger elevators, and 10 escalators in each tower. Also, the skybridge at the 42nd and the 43rd levels is expected to help the flow of the people from one tower to another. The Petronas Twin Towers, are named after the Malaysian national petroleum corporation, Petronas, and is planned to become their new corporate headquarters. The towers are owned by Midciti Resources Sdn.

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Donald E. Crawford U. S History June 10, The Attacks of the World Trade Centers Over , tons of steel, , cubic yards of concrete, a total of 10, workers and 7 years, 2 buildings were created known as the World Trade Centers. It’s more than its signature twin towers: it was a complex [ ].

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on The Twin Towers. TWIN TOWERS TWIN TOWERS The original World Trade Center was a complex with seven buildings in Manhattan, New York City. The whole complex opened on April 4, , and was destroyed in The whole complex opened on April 4, , and was destroyed in