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❶What links and Animal Farm most directly is that both are anti-utopian in nature, for Orwell had developed a certainty that government in a utopian society would always be corrupted and would lose sight of its principles because of expediency.

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Social Justice
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Mitchell especially targets consumerism as a driving force behind space stealing in both cities and online. Traffic, whether vehicular, pedestrian, or online, is diverted towards large-scale commercial enterprise. In cities as well as online, small businesses suffer, as does consumer choice. Banner advertisements online are akin to large billboards in cities: Some business development zones actively restrict membership to their exclusive elite areas: Social Justice Action and Accompaniment What roles of social justice are likely to be practiced using Diaz's process of participatory planning i.

Who would be important participants in this process? Diaz participatory process of planning entails of answering all the questions which arise in the course of decision making.

There are several roles of social justice work which might be practiced in this process of decision making using Diaz's model: Searching, learning, being curious is the very essence of trying to reach a suitable solution. Learning is a process which makes you absorb new bits of knowledge and perform analysis on the old ones. However, while performing this role, it is important that we show complete openness and modesty to the situation in hand and people involved in it and be genuinely curious.

As per Diaz's process, it is necessary to have group think while arriving…… [Read More]. It takes justice to work with individuals, groups, and communities and meet the needs thereof. It requires a great deal of knowledge in human development and behavior of social, economic, and cultural institutions, as well…… [Read More].

Social Justice -- Kantian Paradigm. Further, the physical well-being of everyone should be respected and there should be a guarantee that a "minimum level of material well-being, including basic [human needs], must be met by society, Peffer posits, explaining his view of Rawlsianism. The functions of a human being are important to respect, and basic liberties including: Moreover, freedom from arbitrary arrest and seizure should be the rule of law.

These are items that are written into the U. Constitution, so they should be familiar to all educated Americans as well. First of all, what about freedom from arbitrary governmental decisions to put a man to death who is delusional?

And did the social inequalities benefit the least advantaged in the case of Patterson? The social inequalities thanks to Perry -- who has a way of rewarding those…… [Read More].

Social Darwinism and Social Justice. Fabian social justice on human nature, freedom, and ethics Man had no problem in the Middle Ages with his money since Free Competition was non-existent. Each man had his class and protection can naturally to them. It was Capitalism that unmoored all control and regulation from village, guild, central municipality, government and the individual leaving one individual to drown or be drowned by his other more monetarily successful fellow men with no laws in check to stop it.

Neither the feudal system nor the guild system could compete with the chaos of the industrial age and the leaps and bounds of capitalist individualism, which seized political reins and ruled the country.

The great political economists were ignorant of the suffering of the masses. Shaw sees Marxism as solution to the problem. More specifically he advocates a form of Social Democracy where the burden of rent will be thrown to the…… [Read More]. Social Justice Which of These Makes the. Social Justice Which of these makes the most to you and why? These principles are as follows: Understand how power works.

Confront questions of power. A rational humanistic approach to the analysis of culture and society requires the ability to see power relations clearly and to be able to identify how the dynamics of power and authority can be influenced to promote social inclusion and equality of rights.

Social Justice and the Need for Distribution of Wealth. Corporate Social esponsibility and the Triple Bottom Line: Why Distributive Justice Matters More Than Accounting Tricks That multinational corporations have an ethical duty to be socially responsible has been made very clear by businessmen and social justice advocates like Sir James Goldsmith ose, The question that remains is precisely how they are to execute that social responsibility.

Some contend that a triple bottom line TBL concept is the way to measure whether a corporation is meeting its ethical obligations by focusing on the "interrelated dimensions of profits, people, and the planet" , but TBL accounting is simply that -- accounting: Indeed, as Norman and MacDonald note, the TBL "is an unhelpful addition to current discussion of corporate social responsibility" p. This paper will show what the differences are…… [Read More]. CPT 7 Social Justice.

Social Justice System Inquiry and Community Healthcare Involvement How would you proceed in developing a plan for building community involvement in health care in your community?

How would you assess the situation? The first step in developing a plan for community involvement in local healthcare is to create a forum for interaction of different representative members of the community. The process can help members explore contradictory forces and discourses that shape everyday life.

And it can help members…… [Read More]. Analyzing Social Justice and Theology. Social Justice and Theology Black Liberation theology offers a much needed critic of classical theology, and the various ways in which it favors, and even fosters the racially oppressive behavior and attitudes that many white people have towards marginalized people.

However, while Black Liberation has adequately pushed back against the issue of white supremacy, it has done so without giving a sufficient attention to the issue of patriarchy, which has an oppressive affect on women of color. It is an issue of intersectionality. This paper will look into the role of the Black Liberation Theology in shaping social justice with regards to women of color and classical theology.

Introduction Almost all liberation theologies and movements have arisen out…… [Read More]. Foundations Education Social Justice. Education for Social Justice -- a eview Foundations Education -- Social Justice Author's note with contact information and more details on collegiate affiliation, etc.

Education is an institution that contains pervasive social injustice. Hytten and Bettez's article attempts to addresses several components of the issue. The article intends to provide a history of social justice movements in American education. The article intends to explain the dilemmas in effective social justice strategies and pedagogies. Hytten and Bettez demand clarity and action.

They require awareness of biases and awareness of the significance of culture when considering social justice.

The paper will summarize, critique, and offer personal reflection upon their piece. Hytten and…… [Read More]. Consultation and Social Justice Advocacy Similar?: Exploring the Perceptions of Professional Counselors and Counseling Students" The mission of all counselors should be the desire to deliver high quality, complete school counseling services to all students.

Our programs are designed to help all students develop and enhance their academic, social, career, and personal strengths in order to become responsible and productive citizens. There is a commitment to individual uniqueness and the maximum development of human potential.

Through the skillful use of strategic, timely, and personal interventions, counselors customize educational experiences in order to enhance capabilities, close achievement gaps among high and low performing groups and support positive choices. As a counselor I…… [Read More]. Distribution and Social Justice Mark.

Peel does not critique explicitly the implicit violence within capitalism, as these authors do with respect to racism and economic exploitation, nor does he do a good job of placing the economic context of suburban Australian poverty with a global or colonialist perspective as he could have by emphasizing less the positive aspects of multiculturalism and more the negative aspects of cultural stigmatism within capitalism.

At the same time, his discussion is based more on an urban environment rather than, like Wood, on the peasant community Wood It is also far more limited in historical scope than McNally's comprehensive viewpoint which traces capitalism through centuries McNally Peel gives some indication of a critique of capitalism in his discussion of worker displacement and the shutdown of blue-collar factories which an urban example of what Woods is talking about.

Furthermore, Peel does do some justice to the gender dimension by…… [Read More]. The form of oppression and discrimination discussed in Unit 2 is mental health problems among veteran are further compounded by other problems such as financial difficulties, joblessness, marriage problems, social isolation, and homelessness Smith et al.

These problems are major risk factors for suicide and substance abuse. The federal policy from the Library of Congress that relates to this social justice is the Affordable Healthcare Act. Include a description of the programs and services that are provided through the policy.

What is the purpose of this policy? What problem does it seek to remedy? The Affordable Care Act is also referred to as the health care law and was established with the main purpose of providing more Americans with greater accessibility to affordable health insurance, enhancing the quality of health care and health insurance, and also diminishing health care spending in the in the United States. Basically, its main…… [Read More]. Social Justice for African Americans.

Martin Luther King Jr. The author of this document proposes to write a paper about the life and works of Martin Luther King Jr. It will specifically evaluate the merits of his integrationist works which he foisted upon the nation in the name of civil rights.

This topic satisfies the requirement for this research paper in a number of ways. Firstly, it is predicated on one of the five historic ethnic minority groups that are the focus of the class for which this paper is written.

He labored hard to attain civil rights for this group of people. One of the primary ways that he sought to achieve this objective was through the integration of African-Americans with Caucasians. Secondly, the actions of King Jr.

Social Justice improperly defined. The ideas and theories surrounding these topics shall be the focus of this brief literature review.

While race and class relations are better in many respects, there are still some glaring problems that still fester and manifest. It refers to the commonly known paradigm…… [Read More].

Bishop Justice Social Justice and. Bishop, and the establishment of an economy that supports such principles and efforts to bring them about in a practical and direct manner is not only an issue of social importance but also of religious merit Mahony For immigrants, minority groups, and other disadvantaged populations, the social justice that is demanded by Catholic theology must be built on a solid economic foundation.

If people are used in service to the economy, they will necessarily be exploited and issues of social justice will only worsen; if instead the economy is used to serve the people that comprise it, the needs of social justice will almost automatically be met, and greater equality will prevail USCB ; Mahony A just economy also necessarily entails a similar preferential treatment of the underdog in regards to the environment, according to other comments made by prominent United States' bishops U.

Conference of Catholic…… [Read More]. Liberalism and Individuality One of the central tenets to be found in Kwame Anthony Appiah's non-fictional manuscript entitled The Ethics Of Identity is a preoccupation with individuality, as it relates to the forming of one's identity.

This concern for individualism is one of the primary themes of liberalism, which was initially championed by John Stuart Mill and may be evidenced by the author's work entitled On Liberty.

Subsequently, Appiah's aforementioned book deals with several questions regarding individuality -- such as how this concept fits into the overall scheme of multiculturalism, as well as how it relates to the idea of being inherently Western.

However, it would greatly appear that these questions regarding the importance of individualism are relatively small in comparison to the larger issue at hand which liberalism deals with -- which is an…… [Read More]. Health and Social Justice Issue in Saharan Country Mali occupies the fourth position among the poorest nations of the world.

Mali is still plagued by a multitude of financial tribulations with an economy in shambles, the country's liability approximately equivalent to its GDP, at the mercy of the international donor groups, insufficient revenues of the state exchequer and pressure from various coterie groups voicing their demands. Mali Human ights Practices: Department of State, However, at the same time it a nation that boasts of a rich and hoary tradition.

It is popular as a country marked by its multihued varied populace and harmonic tunes. The country's education system is inadequately formed, especially at the primary stage. A United Nations…… [Read More]. Ethical or Social Justice. Aboriginal people are the Indians who live in Canada. Over the years, they have been characterized by poor living conditions, low social status, poverty, discrimination, and social injustices.

Government organizations should be on the front ensuring proper treatment and social justice for the Aboriginal people. Non-profit organization aims at providing services to the public, while profit organizations aim at profit maximization. Public interest comes first, for the non-profit organization, rather than their interests. The ed Cross is recognized as the non-profit organization, and it is chartered by the U.

It provides services worldwide, and the general population during times of disaster and the workforce is predominantly volunteers. Multicultural Counseling Social Justice and Advocacy.

Integration, Theory, and Application is the idea that the multicultural and social justice perspectives counselors may adopt are not necessarily synonymous. Although multiculturalism may stress the need to take into consideration a counseling subject's unique needs, including the fact that the client comes from a more collectivist culture, the social justice perspective emphasizes the need for change and dynamism in society and ensuring fairness for the client in frequently unfair situations.

The social justice may challenges some of the client's deeply-held social assumptions and force the client out of his or her comfort zone. The counselor must weigh the need to be sensitive and not impose a particular worldview on the client with an accurate view of the client's situation. It is true that multiculturalism and the social justice perspective…… [Read More]. Community and Social Justice. Community and Social Justice Since the establishment of the Organization of African Unity OAU , it has continued to be engaged with human rights as proven by the struggle for decolonization, self-determination, and independence of the African continent.

Embodied with this, obviously, is the fact that those fighting and agitating for independence sought human right principles to justify their struggle because colonialism disregarded human rights of the colonized persons. In contrast to the OAU, the African Union AU made human rights an explicit component of its obligation as encoded in its Act and human rights in its mainstream programs and activities.

However, with no doubt, the current approaches require strengthening with a perspective of creating a holistic, integrated and comprehensive methodology to ensure respect for all human rights.

An overview The OAU charter is grounded on the principle of non-interference and state sovereignty. It stipulates the battle for…… [Read More]. Education and Social Justice Johann Pestalozzi: A commitment to social justice and education Born in Zurich, Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi was a Swiss educator and an education reformer who believed that poor children had a right to education, and emphasized that teachers should use methods that were bound to strengthen the students' abilities.

Bruhlmeier refers to him as the most popular educational reformer in the world. Having had a troubled childhood filled with family turbulence, it is inspiring how Pestalozzi beat the odds to become the most widely acclaimed teacher of his time. The most important aspect of Johann Pestalozzi was his "Pestalozzi method," which he developed after numerous experiments and first used in the school of Yverdon.

According to Bruhlmeier , he believed that children learnt better through activities and they understood better when they followed their own interest and drew their own experiences.

Justice as Retribution Every individual in the globe has a perception towards crime, justice, criminals, and many other aspects in relation to criminals. On hearing the term "criminal," every individual reacts differently.

There are those who feel that a criminal deserves to die, others feel they should rot in prison and many other divergent views. However, does it ever occur that a criminal can be a criminal, through a legal process although they did not take part in the crime? This is a serious issue, which requires critical reasoning before going around judging or calling other people criminals.

To the main point, retribution is the main topic or the subject matter for this paper. In the criminal context, the term retribution suggests revenge. This revenge, which the court delivers, is unseen by the common people. However, a critical scrutiny suggests that the legal process is also a tool to deliver…… [Read More]. Justice One of the Most Consistent Problems. Justice One of the most consistent problems facing the criminal justice system is the influence of institutional culture on the administration of justice, both at the level of the police and the courts.

While there are of course written guidelines and laws dictating the actions and decision-making process of both the police and the courts, in practice there is a substantial amount of leeway when it comes to dealing with specific situations.

On the one hand, the institutional culture might encourage accountability and transparency, and so police and the judiciary would likely feel compelled to act within the bounds of established legal and ethical frameworks.

If, on the other hand,…… [Read More]. Social Justice Improving social justice for women has been identified as one of the building blocks of social change. Population control, education, and the eradication of domestic violence are all interlinked. Women's education is not simply a feminist issue. Higher rates of female education are linked to lower birth rates and better health outcomes for children as well as women.

Women who are educated are more empowered to take control over family planning and have more resources to take care of the children they do have. Yasmin aashid, a leader in obstetrics and…… [Read More]. Social Policies in the Workplace. Social work history displays that the desire of social justice is both a task and a myth for employees and their immediate predecessors in organizations.

In both chapters, they have elaborated in length on how social work came into being. Ideally, social work history revolves around the industrial revolution and the way the rise of capitalism created a gap between the rich and the poor.

In the first chapter, the role of Charity Organization Societies and Settlement House Movement as the pioneers of social work has been elucidated…… [Read More]. Social Catholic Catholics Capitalism and. Vatican II Vatican II, officially known as the Second Vatican Council, was a meeting of many leaders of the Catholic Church to discuss both theological and social issues pertaining to the Church in the modern era.

Convened by Pope John XXIII in the s and continued by his successor Paul VI, the main goal of the Second Vatican Council was to establish the Church's role and meaning in the modern world, which it recognized as fundamentally changed from the role of the Church in previous eras.

Many different topics of concern were examined during the many phases of Vatican II, and the Council produced a number of documents on these varying subjects that help to define Church doctrine and perspectives on the modern world. When it comes to the social thought and action of the Catholic Church following Vatican II, one of the most important documents produced by the Council…… [Read More]. Social Work and Political Advocacy. Social workers often have commitments to specific policies, laws, or funding of programs that are vital to the population they serve or an issue that they strongly support.

Such commitments often lead social workers to become involved in political issues and the campaigns of specific candidates. Being a social worker, such campaign experiences, the outcomes of your efforts, and how effective you felt you were may affect your view of the political process and the likelihood of becoming involved in similar campaigns in the future.

Social workers' involvement in political advocacy is usually influenced by the impact of politics on social work practice. Through advocacy and lobbying in the political arena, social workers seek to promote changes in legislation and policy to enhance social conditions and promote social justice towards meeting basic human needs.

In essence, social workers' participation in political advocacy is geared towards protecting individuals' rights and enhancing…… [Read More].

Social Philosophy Concluding in Political moderation, in "A Theory of Justice," and in later works, John awls explains a comprehensive, as well as influential theory, which is on the subject of, presenting a theory of justice in concurrence with the liberal-democratic passion that relates to the rights and freedoms of individuals in society.

It entails that the rights of the individuals ought to be moderated by various types of clauses, making certain that no social or natural eventualities are overlooked. The theory declares that no inborn benefits of political authority, substance riches or natural capability should irreversibly or overpoweringly establish life chances.

Furthermore, more distinctively, these morally subjective issues should not establish the value of political liberties to moral persons 1.

In , awls's explains his first articulation of his theory of justice which highlights on individual abilities that he entitles the "Original Position" and in addition, a model of…… [Read More].

Social Movements Social Reformers Recognized. King called upon Black churches to challenge the status quo and to change the pervasively oppressive social order. King's idea of integration was complex; he struggled to eliminate or reduce poverty by linking political power, wealth, and poverty Social Biases A Continuing Societal.

Social Justice esearch, Vol. The Contact Hypothesis evisited. Association of Psychological Science. Social Anthropology Economic Systems Generally. Animism is the concentration of those foundational powers within high-status members of social groups and is most common with clans and tribes.

Monotheism evolved in the same manner whereas polytheism is more common within larger and more intellectually and economically sophisticated societies.

The concept of family varies considerably among different types of societies. Kinship societies are unique in the degree to which the concept of family encompasses horizontal relations as well as vertical relations. The study of terminology is important precisely because similar phrases such as "family" and "kin" have such different connotations in different societies.

Whereas kinship societies are typically endogamous, larger human societies are almost always exogamous and subscribe to strong cultural taboos prohibiting incest. Within kinship societies, endogamous rules apply only to vertical and immediate horizontal relations. Academic anthropology refers to the empirical study of human societies and to anthropological research. Social Movements and the Public. Women's health, sexuality, motherhood, and other issues became of real importance.

They were talked about instead of just hushed. This area offers a variety of interesting and emotional topics to explore in your assignment, including child soldiers in African countries, exploitation of kids, child workers who are enslaved by chocolate farms, human trafficking, their rights for adequate healthcare and free education. This subject is important because they impact all developing countries inequitably these days. People need help to adapt to these changes, so try to offer your solutions in an interesting essay on social welfare.

Criminal justice is another category that should be considered when it comes to your academic writing. You can talk about the challenges of terrorism, crime victims, human trafficking, death penalty, rights of prisoners, capital punishment, police powers and rights, racial profiling, and others.

Think about developing countries because they offer many interesting topics for your academic paper. You should consider the role of private companies in terms of technology transferring, important guidelines on adapting new fuels and energy sources, international support, access to information, and lack of technology to come up with a perfect social justice essay. Are human rights and economics complementary or in conflict?

What about nutrition and food? Can economics serve human dignity? Do all communities have their equal access to pharmaceuticals?

What are the effects of global commerce on local populations? As you read each article, underline parts that give you ideas you can use to support different parts of your paper. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm going to re-read this hub--awesome, as I clicked previously! I taught Developmental English for ten years and wrote a textbook for my class, so you know I had to have a Persuasive Chapter.

The best part of this hub, in my opinion, is seeing the different types of persuasive essays that are possible. I probably have written each type before, but have not labeled them as such. It might help to know the exact type of persuasive essay I am writing in order to deliver my message better. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Everyone Should Have Clean Water. Americans should pay more attention to the way their clothes and shoes are made in order to help prevent child labor abuses.

We can eliminate poverty if everyone takes steps to give more in their local community. College students need to be activists in social justice issues like human trafficking. Racism is still an important part of the experience of many people in America in spite of laws and social action. Animal experimentation for any reason is wrong.

Boycotting a company is an effective way to bring about change. Children should be supervised when using the Internet. Interracial marriages are more fulfilling because they require a greater commitment. Every couple ought to consider the possibility of adopting a child. Children of alcoholics are more prone to have problems with alcohol and drug abuse.

Domestic violence is on the increase. Parents of gang members should be held responsible for the violence and property damage their children commit. Hunting is a great way for families to spend time in the outdoors, get to experience nature, and bond together.

Children of divorced parents should have the right to divorce their parents. Non-competitive athletic teams are better for children under Injuries from organized athletic activities for children and teens are on the rise and will be a health care crisis in the future.

Child abuse has become more of a problem as divorce increases in America. Reproductive technologies such as in-vitro transplants should be banned. The legacy of a parent's divorce lasts throughout a person's life. While the feminist movement certainly opened up the jobs and opportunities available to women, it ultimately harmed women, children, and the family because it devalued motherhood. Women who find they are carrying Down's Syndrome children should be encouraged to give those children up for adoption rather than having an abortion.

Advocating birth control as part of sex education is wrong and should not be supported by the state. Violence in the media is responsible for an increase in violence among young people.

Movies today are better than they were in our parent's generation. Parents should not allow teens to be a part of social networking so that they do not experience or participate in cyber bullying. The idea of censorship or regulation of advertising is impractical, un-American, and against free enterprise and capitalism. Parents should limit the exposure of their children to media. Violence in the media releases aggression and does not cause violence in real life. Freedom of speech is something Americans need to support more strongly not only here, but also around the world.

Outsourcing to India is costing American's employment opportunities. Japanese car companies are no longer creating the best cars in the world. Cybercrime is on the increase and governments need to do more to prevent it. Population growth in the world is an overlooked issue which will become more important as global warming changes the food production around the world.

Bioterrorism is still an important issue for all of us to be aware of when thinking about National Security and global security. America should continue to support Israel, no matter what.

Americans should not get involved in global conflicts which don't concern their own national interest. By opposing GMO genetically modified organisms crops, European nations are causing 3rd World people to starve or be malnourished. Global Warming is real and we need to get prepared.

Video games can help people solve real world problems. Identity theft is a greater problem than you think.

Private University Education is Worth the Cost. Online education is just as good as learning in the classroom. College athletes, especially football players, are an economic asset to Universities and should be paid accordingly. Sports are given too high a priority in American High Schools and this hurts the education of children.

The increase in standardized testing in America has improved the educational achievements of graduates. Bilingual education is important and should be supported by educators, parents and the public.

College students need to be on guard against piling up consumer debt. American colleges should increase the number of students from foreign countries in order to help cover costs. Schools need to offer Mandarin as a foreign language because China is going to be an increasingly important country. The European educational system is superior to the American system. Since buying and eating local food saves energy and promotes the local economy, everyone should support the Local Food movement.

Although vegetarianism is often mocked and misunderstood, college students should consider this lifestyle as a way to be ecologically thoughtful and physically healthy.

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Sep 11,  · The late Father William J. Ferree, a second great thinker of the social justice movement, wrote “The Act of Social Justice” in , characterizing social justice as a moral duty that obliged each person in society to care for the common good of all (Ferree ).

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Mar 05,  · Catholic social justice topics are also perfect for writing successful and interesting social justice essays. You can write about access to clean water, food, and shelter as the matter of justice. Pay attention to the promotion of common good, including people’s education, and developing poor countries as an attempt to eliminate human misery/5(87).

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Social Justice Research Paper Topics Social justice is valued because it is important to make everyone comfortable in the society they live in. The feeling of acceptance along with the feeling of belonging to a community is something that is very special. Briefly this paper will address social injustices in the United States and under the social injustices, the paper will focus more on Economy, health and society injustices. This will be approached with three questions; Firstly, why is it important for American people to know about social injustices in the States.

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Feb 11,  · Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Social Justice The Context of Eugene Debs' Court Statemtent When a historically-naive, contemporary American reads Eugene Debs' statement to the court, it would be hard not to assume Debs believed he was a martyr for some imaginary cause. Keywords Ableism; Associative Justice; Classism; Distributive Justice; Heterosexism; Oppression; Postmodernism; Racism; Recognitional Justice; Sexism Overview Social justice has a long history; almost as soon as human societies were formed, philosophers began thinking about how individual and collective needs could be met simultaneously (Griffiths, ).