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Mulan Essay

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❶Historically, America is very good at dehumanizing its enemies in this manner, most notably during World War 2, with the Japanese and Germans, nd even today to an extent, making terrorists in the middle east seem like targets for missiles and shells in our eyes.

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The wintry light glinted upon her armor. However, Mulan still insisted on fighting against tenacious enemies because she could not allow the enemies seize her country and oppress her people. The patriotic emotion supports her to fight till the coming of victory in the end. After the victory of the war, Mulan refused the invitation of emperor to be a court official when she was already a general.

Mulan is a maiden has independent thoughts and her own pursuit of life. She was not allured by money or interests and chose to enjoy indifferent life living like common people. I stood at the window to dress my cloudy hair. I went to the mirror and put on my yellow makeup. She was still so brave to give up all honors and come back to the origin: Even though Mulan received the praise of emperor and the applause of most common people, there was still some suspicion in the ancient Chinese society.

Because according to the typical situation, traditional Chinese women should stay at home and focus their whole attention on their family, husband and children. Therefore, they even thought letting women stay at home would be protection for them. Furthermore, traditional women stressed virginity, but Mulan stayed with other men all days and had body contact inevitably.

So through their point of view, Mulan was considered to be lacking in virtue. In sum, the opposition of the conservative group was originated from the same perspective that men and women could not be equal. Who shall say where one ends, and the other begins?

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Don't have an account? Sign up for one. Wrong email address or password! Summer Program Reviews College Reviews. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Program Links Program Reviews. More by this author Follow AliciaH. I like this 0. Happy Ending for Some. A day at School. This article has 27 comments. Email me when someone replies. I loved this article. I agree with what you are saying. Some people think that breaking stereotypes by everyone not conforming to their gender roles is the only way to stop sexism.

However, doing this can force girls who are girly to feel bad for not being sporty and masculine enough, which defeats the purpose for doing this anyway. Everyone should be what they want to be, without anyone to stop them. Great job on the article. This and the article. I have always been more attracted to wearing dresses and skirts which is met with scoffs and 'sexism-enabler'. That day, I can honestly say, was horrible after I mentioned it.

Despite the teacher's best efforts, the girls in the class felt it was alright to bash what I truly would like to do. Of course I want a job that pays money, I just would prefer looking after my own child if it becomes a choice I can make. This, while not only well written, demonstrates my thoughts perfectly. I was a tomboy growing up, but now I enjoy dresses and pretty things infinitely more than dirt.

I believe women should not be looked down upon for choosing to confine to traditional gender roles; after all, they are modeled after a woman's brain anyway.

I'm a man and I agree with everything you said, it's refreshing though to read something like this. However, it is filled with historical inaccuracies as well as ideas that were noticeably influenced by American culture. Just the same, the accurate usage of Chinese philosophies in the movie make it all the better. With this in mind, we can not only understand Mulan, but also be able to analyze any film and with it, have a wider view of the world.

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Free mulan papers, essays, and research papers. Mulan is a Role Model - In the movie "Mulan", she decided to prove that she is worth something.

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Mulan Essay Hayden Ikerd Mr. Wheeler AP Literature 12 April, Thomas Foster’s Themes Traced in Mulan In his book How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Thomas Foster explains many reoccurring themes in literature, and shows how to recognize them and in some instances shows certain works where they occur. Studying The Feminism In The Movie Mulan English Literature Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of our professional work here.

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Mulan: A Woman on a Mission Essay Words | 8 Pages. Mulan (Revised) Disney proclaims that the adaptations of the Chinese story of Mulan is to transform ethnic materials into a “timeless” or “universal” classic (Kurtti ). So Mulan challenged the authority of feudal ideology fearlessly and expected the equality between sexes. Another group of people questioned the real reason of Mulan to refuse the official court. They thought her resignation was just an artifice to .