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❶A Anonymous Jan Copy it from the internet, then go to PowerPoint, right click and click on Paste.

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Add interest to your slides using animations, transitions, photos, and online videos. Co-author with your team on the same presentation at the same time, from anywhere. Get started with Office Online now No install required. Choose your favorite app. Was this information helpful? How can we improve it? Please fill in the feedback field before sending!

Thank you for your feedback! You can keep this copy or record it again. Play your recorded slide show by clicking the Slide Show tab and selecting the From Beginning icon. If you're satisfied with the beginning, you can select any slide and then click the From Current Slide icon to jump right in from that slide. PowerPoint has three Show Types that support automatic slide shows. Each type allows you to customize the slide show as needed, including which slides are displayed, whether narration or animation is played or not, and continuous looping.

For each of these three types, make sure that Automatic is selected in the Multiple Monitors section and the Using Timings, if Present option is selected in the Advance Slides section. Both of these options should turned on by default after you've recorded any slide show. Use the Presented By a Speaker Full Screen option if you intend to be the one presenting the slide show.

Select the Browsed by an Individual Window option if you plan to have the presentation viewed without being present for it. This is a good option if you are to someone or sharing it with OneDrive.

Select the Browsed at a Kiosk Full Screen option if you plan to leave the presentation unattended, such as in an office lobby or at a trade show. Select a theme if possible. Skip this step if your selected template doesn't have any themes available.

It's in the bottom-right corner of the window. Doing so selects your template and creates your PowerPoint presentation. How long your PowerPoint presentation is. Your PowerPoint's custom color scheme. How big your slides appear. The level of difficulty in crafting the presentation. None of the above. Understand how your title slide should appear. Contrary to the rest of your PowerPoint presentation, your title slide should be completely devoid of content other than the title and subtitle.

This is considered a professional must when creating a PowerPoint. If you're creating a PowerPoint presentation for which an elaborate title slide has been requested, ignore this step.

Click the large text box in the middle of the first slide, then type in your title. You can change the font and size of text used from the Home tab that's in the orange ribbon at the top of the window.

Click the smaller text box below the title box, then type in the subtitle that you want to use. You can also just leave this box blank if you like. Rearrange the title text boxes. Place your mouse cursor over one of the edges of a title box, then click and drag the box around the slide to reposition it. You can also click and drag in or out one of a text box's corners to shrink or enlarge the text box. Click the Transitions tab. It's at the top of the PowerPoint window. Doing so brings up a list of possible slide transition effects at the top of the page.

Select a transition for your title slide. Click a transition you want to use to apply it to the slide. This completes the title slide process; you can now move on to adding another slide for your presentation's main content. Placing your mouse over the transition will cause the slide to demonstrate what the transition will look like in practice.

Part 2 Quiz What should your title page contain? Your title and an image to represent it. Your title and your name. Your title and your subtitle. Click the Insert tab. A new toolbar will open near the top of the window. On a Mac, you'll click the Home tab instead.

It's on the far-left side of the toolbar. Doing so prompts a drop-down menu to appear. On a Mac, click the. Select a type of slide. In the drop-down menu, click one of the following to add it to your presentation: Add any other slides that you think you'll need.

You can certainly add slides as you go, but adding a few slides up-front will give you an idea of the layout of the presentation as you progress through it. Reposition your slides as needed. Once you have more than one slide in your PowerPoint presentation, you can move the slides around by clicking and dragging a slide's preview box up or down on the left-hand column of the PowerPoint window.

Naturally, the title slide should be the first slide in your presentation, meaning that it should be the top slide in the left-hand column. Part 3 Quiz What is the benefit of adding a few slides to your presentation before you begin adding content? It will save you time later down the line. You can customize them in bulk. You will know exactly how long your presentation is. You will get an idea of the layout of your presentation. In the left-hand column of slide previews, click the slide that you want to edit.

This will open the slide in the main presentation window. Look for a text box. If you selected a slide that has a text box, you can add text to the slide. Skip this step and the next two steps if your selected slide uses a template that doesn't have text boxes in it.

Add text to the slide. Click the text box, then type as needed. Text boxes in PowerPoint will automatically format the bulk of your text for you e. Format the slide's text. If necessary, select the text that you want to change, then click the Home tab and review your text formatting options in the "Font" section of the toolbar.

You can change the font of the selected text by clicking the current font's name and then clicking your preferred font. If you want to change the size of the text, click the numbered drop-down box and then click a larger or smaller number based on whether you want to enlarge or shrink the text.

You can also change the color, bolding, italicization, underlining, and so on from here. Add photos to the slide. If you want to add a photo to your slide, click the Insert tab, then click Pictures in the toolbar and select a picture.

Rearrange the slide's content. Just like your title slide, you can move items around the slide by clicking and dragging them. Photos in particular can be enlarged or shrunk by clicking and dragging out or in one of their corners.

Repeat this for each slide in your presentation. Once you've created each of your presentation's slides, you can proceed to the next part. Remember to keep slides uncluttered and relatively free of distractions. It's best to keep the amount of text per slide to around 33 words or less. Part 4 Quiz How can you change the size of a photo? Double-click on the picture. Click "insert picture" and then hit "edit. Click and drag the corners of the image. Insert the image into a new slide, then copy and paste.

In the left-hand column of the PowerPoint window, click the slide to which you want to apply a transition. This will open the Transitions toolbar near the top of the window. Review the available transitions. Transitions make your slide pop up in an exciting, eye-drawing manner during your actual presentation; you can see the list of available transitions at the top of the window.

Click a transition at the top of the window to watch it run on your slide.

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You can create a presentation in the cloud using OneDrive, which can make it easier to access, store, and share your files with others. If you do not have a Microsoft account, see sign up for a Microsoft account. On Office Online, pick PowerPoint Online. Jan 08,  · Using SkyDrive and web based PowerPoint you can make and share PowerPoint presentations online. The good thing about using web based PowerPoint is that you can alse create and edit PowerPoint presentations and you don’t need a license or are key to use it/5(5).

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Import PowerPoint presentations. Stay with PowerPoint and still benefit all the features of Zoho Show. It's easy to import your PowerPoint files,.PPT files and present online. Additionally, you can also use Zoho Show to import files as an URL. File size restrictions can also sometimes be a hindrance to efficient performance. Canva’s free presentation software gives you access to hundreds of beautifully designed layouts to create presentations on any topic. Simply choose the perfect images, fonts and colors to make your presentation relay your message with gusto!