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Linguistics Questions and Answers

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I have worked in multinational companies in legal department honoring my legal knowledge. I am a current student at Claremont Mckenna College.

In my free time, I engage in debate, improv, and teaching myself Bayesian statistics. Tutoring is something I got I am a tutor and a student with a penchant for learning, improvement, and growth.

Since I am in the learning process myself, I understand the needs of learners and am I am of Indian Remember the phrase structure rule: This question may be handwritten. Then, for each italicized group of words, determine whether or not it is a constituent in the given sentence. If it is a constituent, say what kind. For the bracketed structures 1 and 2 and the trees A and B , answer the questions that follow: Which of the trees corresponds to which of the bracketed constituent structures?

What is the difference between the two sentences in terms of their meaning? An infinite verb is a type of non-finite verb there are two more types of non-finite How do the Strictly Come Dancing judges adapt their spoken language for the functions they In the study of linguistics, particularly socio-linguistics, which, essentially, deals with language use in social situations, paralinguistics are important for identifying non-verbal non-word How does culture influence language?

What would be an example of this? There are many ways in which culture influences language. The first example would be what words are considered taboo, and avoided or euphemized. For example, in Victorian England, sexuality was How do we transcribe words with aspiration and devoicing?

Some example words are as follows I would recommend you to understand aspiration and devoicing, so that you can transcribe aspirated and devoiced words that come in your exam.

Aspiration is a phonological process in which a sound Making use of phrase structure rules for English, explain why the following sentences are Some auxiliary verbs and modals must agree with the tense feature T of the main verb in English and precede the verb phrase VP containing the head verb Examine the following Spanish data, given in phonetic transcription.

Then identity all the Morphemes are smallest units of form structure and function semantic or grammatical in a language. A word can be made of one mono-morphemic or more morphemes poly-morphemic. What are the functions of morphology in linguistics? Morphology is a subfield of linguistics that deals with the form and internal constituent structure of words of a given language. Since words are formed of morphemes, we can also say that Why take "will" in "Many people will go to the station every morning" as complement to the verb What is direct and indirect denial in mathematical linguistics?

And how do logic proofs work? To my understanding, mathematical linguistics may include logical proofs as a part of its coverage, but the two are distinct entities and do not necessarily overlap academically or Expand upon its scope and areas of investigation.

Of the many subtypes of the study of linguistics — the study and description of word formation as inflection, derivation, and compounding in language, the most relevant to current social What are some ways in which an English class and a Linguistics class can be tied together?

Write about "morphemes" in detail. A morpheme is a minimal linguistic unit that has a form as well as a function or some semantic basis basically, a meaning.

Let me explain this linguistic terminology. What is the place of language in the formation of cultural identity? How is language crucial to As Frantz Fanon explains color prejudice, as he derives the meaning from Jean Paul Satre and Alan Burns, color prejudice, in essence, is racial hatred that is marked by reaction to dominant Someone once said that "Applied linguistics is not 'linguistics applied', because it deals with It is true that calling this field of study "applied linguistics" is somewhat of a misnomer because the term "applied" suggests that a specific strategy has been placed upon one or many linguistic Rewrite this sentence in your own words: The task was introduced to the child using three What is meant by "cinematic language"?

What is a human being? When is it appropriate to express our attraction toward another person and when is it inappropriate?

We perform acts when we speak: How do the linguistic conventions of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and text messaging differ from Explain the linguistic stance on standard varieties of a language.

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The study of linguistics is fascinating. From the origins of language to the evolution of the spoken and written word, students of linguistics are always discovering something new. Students of linguistics know that writing papers about the evolution of words is challenging and help is not always available.

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Linguistics Homework Help. One of the fascinating courses you can come across as a student is linguistics. There are so much to cover in linguistics, from the written word to the spoken words, you are going to discover and learn so much.

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Mar 22,  · Linguistics Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on Linguistics > Homework Help. Linguistics Homework Help Online. Linguistics is a truly fascinating subject. From studying the origins of any given language all the way through to the evolution of both the spoken and written word, there’s always something new to discover.

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