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❶The drought years were followed with record breaking heavy rains, blizzards, tornadoes and floods. During this time tons of dust blew across the plains burying everything in its path.

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The Dust Bowl

Where did they get their clothes and food? How could the dust storms affect that? Have students create a list of characters: Using historic images as source material, have students create a list of characters in a fictional farming community affected by the Dust Bowl.

Characters could include children, newspaper or radio reporters, musicians, farmers, storeowners, doctors, teachers, documentary photographers, bankers, or other people in the community. Then have students look at the list of characters and generate some specific questions they would like to ask each character about his or her experiences during the Dust Bowl. Record the questions so students can refer to them as they conduct their research.

Tell students they will bring the Dust Bowl to life by choosing a character, conducting research to create a realistic portrayal of the character, and writing a text in the voice of that character. Explain that their writing should do the following: The writing should be from the point of view of a specific character in the community.

The writing should be directed to a particular audience. The writing should be in a specific format, such as a letter, a multimedia presentation, or a speech. The writing should focus on a particular topic related to the Dust Bowl. Have students conduct research: Allow students time to conduct research in order to build a realistic understanding of their characters and their experiences in the Dust Bowl. Students can use the questions generated about each character to guide their research. Have students write and edit their work: Have students write a first draft.

Provide time for peer editing in pairs or small groups, using the rubric as a guide. Then have students revise and edit their writing to prepare a final draft. Have students present their final written work to their classmates by displaying it or reading it aloud. Students might create or bring in objects and items of clothing to help bring their characters to life.

A Dip in the Lake: Most cotton farmers for instance would leave the land bare during the winter. They would then burn the stubs before tilling the land so as to prevent weeds from growing once the cotton was planted. These processes generally curbed the grass from growing and hence destroyed the soil.

All the above reasons contributed to major soil erosion in the Dust Bowl and all the areas around the plains. This is why the dust storms blew away all the rich top soil and eventually nothing could grow in the area. Subsequently, nothing could grow on the land. This ultimately led to the drought that devastated the entire region. Have you been struggling with your homework? Do you wish you could find an expert to write your paper for you?

Contact our expert writers at EssaysExperts. Major causes of the Dust Bowl There are many factors that have been attributed to the causes of the dust storms, blizzards and the drought. Indians came along and told people to leave the grass where it was. There may have been a few obscure individuals who worried about what was going on. But most of the people living in the area were pretty well caught up in the dream of progress and turning this place into a breadbasket.

So if there were misgivings, they were not being published I think particularly in the 20's when the great plow-up occurred, there was an enormous sense of invulnerability, at least in official circles, and I think to a large extent among settlers and farmers.

Scientists had noticed, for instance, the level of the Great Salt Lake rose after Mormon settlers started irrigating nearby land for cultivation. These "facts" were widely disseminated:. In addition it was widely believed that the spread of the railroads and electric wires, modified natural electrical cycles in an arid zone and induced the fall of moisture.

Stories were also repeated that artillery fire such as at the Battle of Gettysburg, contributed to the heavy rains that followed. Cannon used to clear the Plains of Indians might even have the added benefit of bringing rain.

The drought cycle of the 's offered a warning to thoughtful observers. The newly opened lands were barren, and it was necessary for some state agencies and even the U. Army to provide assistance to the hurting farmers. New legislation was enacted in an attempt to minimize farmers' further risk.

These actions would have to be expanded by FDR's New Deal because few, if any, lasting changes in farm structure were made. Rather than seeing the drought cycle, many farmers would have agreed with an assessment from An interesting side benefit of increased grain production was the opportunity advanced by Prohibition.

The Dust Bowl Experience: Dust Bowl Writing Project

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Dust Bowl Essay - According to, a dust bowl is a region reduced to aridity by drought and dust storms. The best-known dust bowl is doubtless the one that hit the United States between and One major cause of that Dust Bowl was severe droughts during .

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Feb 02,  · The Dust Bowl Essay Words | 6 Pages Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico—the Dust Bowl was a time where over million acres of topsoil were stripped from fertile fields leaving nothing but barren lands and piles of dust everywhere (Ganzel).

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Dust Bowl Essay - The Dust Bowl was a treacherous storm, which occurred in the 's, that affected the midwestern people, for example the farmers, and which taught us . Due to the improper farming, along with a long drought, dust storms made life in the Dust Bowl very burdensome. During the 's, the Great Plains was plagued with a drought, a long period of dryness, which brought demise to many of the farmers in the region.

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This terrible disaster lasted ten years, and got its name from Associated Press reporter who called it dust bowl on news "Three little words achingly familiar on the Western farmer's tongue, rule life in the dust bowl of the continent - if it rains." The climate was an important cause of the dust bowl. Dust Bowl Essay. The Dust Bowl was a treacherous storm, which occurred in the ’s, that affected the midwestern people, for example the farmers, and which taught 5/5(1).