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writing a real estate finance thesis paper, any topic suggestions?

12 Impressive Property Development Dissertation Ideas

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Are we in a bubble? Is a bubble looming? How much more growth is expected? You could even devise a model and speak to that as well. I like the hard money suggestion. Although I use hard money on every single deal so I obviously agree with Paul's conclusion at the end there. Are the current risk factors currently being looked to for loan qualifications really the most important signs of default?

It has never made sense to me that banks do not use cash flow as one of the key guidelines to approving a loan. But there are others as well. Maybe commercial lenders would then do 30 yr amort instead of 20? Longer amort periods equals Higher cash flow numbers which equals less risk That would be my thesis statement to prove. IDEA 2 Leverage - good or bad. Leverage is a good thing when it comes to real estate.

Some people are completely against being leveraged in real estate. But the alternative is to use cash and get lower returns. IDEA 3 Real estate as the best investment vehicle that exists today. Discuss all the ways that real estate makes you money. Compare with other investments. Show how real estate makes you money today i. Whereas stocks only make you money today. If you sell your stock for a distribution today, your investment will never gain in value. Perhaps creative financing in general.

Where are real estate investors going to get financing when banks are being short to lend. You could break down your paper like this:. You could more than easily write pages on the above topic. Thanks a lot everyone, those were some really good ideas. I have talked to a couple professors already and had an impressive list of topics to discuss with them.

I should have it sorted out by the end of this week for sure but just wanted to say thanks again- I wasn't expecting so much help. If anyone would like to see the final product just message me I would be more than happy to share. Out of curiosity what do you want to do in the future? I assume that your paper needs to include tons of statically data, graphs, parameters, etc.

Use CMHC as a reference tool as this may be a resource that you can include in your submission. The main aim of the research is to critically analyze the employment law of disabled individuals in UK along with effective recommendations which needs to be done in order to make the existing law more efficient and effective. A critical evaluation of racial discrimination laws in developed countries and how it impacts the workplace environment. Racial discrimination has always been a controversial issue in almost every part of the World.

However, many developed countries companies are facing severe racial discrimination issues which are directly impacting their name and brand value. Therefore, this research provides a critical evaluation of the racial discrimination laws particularly in developed countries. Moreover, the research will be focusing on how racial discrimination laws are impacting the workplace environment. Domestic laws basically deal with and provide criminal rules for punishing individuals who have physically or emotionally harmed their own family members.

It has been found out that many domestic abuses are not reported to the concern authority. Due to this reason, the main focus of the research is to conduct a comparative analysis of legislation, policy and guidelines of domestic abuses between UK and USA and how effective both the countries have been in order to minimize domestic abuse.

Analyzing the negative impact of technology in protecting intellectual property rights of the corporations. Intellectual property has gained significant importance after the emergence of counterfeit products coming from different parts of the world.

It has been found out that there are many factors which have motivated the sale of counterfeit products. Therefore, this research aims at analyzing the negative impact of technology in protecting intellectual propert rights of products and corporations. A critical assessment of terrorism act of and its impact on Muslims living around the Globe. Therefore, this research intends to critically assess the terrorism act of and its impact ton Muslims living around the Globe.

The trust law requires the settler to meet the three certainties including the object, intention and subject matter. As posted to a moral obligation or mere gift, certainty of intention can be best described as clarity of intention. Some interesting dissertation topics in the field of trust law are listed below: European law has attracted wide attention from the academic world in the recent times, thanks to the growing influence of European Law on UK constitution and consequently the administration law.

It should be noted that every aspect of UK life is significantly affected by European law, and therefore this area of research has gained tremendously popularity. Some interesting and specific research areas are given below: A wide array of topics can be covered under the field of family law and the law of child. Essentially, this area of law takes into consideration the registration of marriages, statutory rights concerning marriage, the effects of a decree, void and voidable marriages, the impact of the Human Rights Act, the legal stature of unmarried and married individuals, and the case for reform of UK family law.

Other areas of research include enforcing financial responsibilities in the Magistrates court, enforcing the arrears of maintenance payments, the award of maintenance, enforcing financial responsibilities to children or a child, financial orders for children, and the Child Support Act.

An extremely intriguing area of law that has gained tremendously popularity the modern era, some specific dissertation topics in this area of law studies are listed below: Our Property dissertation ordering procedure is very simple. Just complete our online order form and see an instant price. If you are happy to proceed just continue to make payment by your chosen method. As soon as payment has been received our writer will immediately start working.

You will receive your completed, original Property dissertation on or before the deadline you give us. Let Ivory Research help you with your Property dissertation today! As it is an extremely large topic, Property dissertations can come in many forms, all of which can concentrate on a wide variety of topics. A few subjects you could base your Property dissertations on include;. Be as adventurous as you like with your Property dissertation, our Property writers always complete thorough research to write a dissertation that is everything you would like it to be!

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May 26,  · Real Estate Dissertation Topics. A great selection of free real estate dissertation topics and ideas to help you write the perfect dissertation.

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Completing a degree can never be done without writing a dissertation – and doing it is not at all an easy task. Aside from the trouble of formulating a hypothesis or drawing up a discussion.

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Look through the following list of impressive dissertation ideas on property development and come up with your own strong dissertation proposal and topic: Redevelopment of infrastructure in a large city preparing for an international festival/ sports event. Jun 25,  · Intellectual Property Dissertation Guide on Trade Marks and Domain Names Under the Dilution Perspective The following guide could be used by a PhD or Master Level Law student looking to write a dissertation or thesis on intellectual property, particularly trade marks and domain names under the dilution perspective.

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The topics for the property law dissertation vary greatly, but make sure to give your preference to the narrow one, to save both time and energy. Categories: Law Dissertation Help Tags: law dissertation, law topics. A List Of Catchy Dissertation Topics In Intellectual Property Law. Writing a dissertation is one of the most complicated tasks students have to complete during their academic careers.