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Othello & Racism Essay

Racism in Othello Essay Sample

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Iago once again turns his invective on Othello, with tough racial epithets: Even though that night is a night when two lovers rejoin, they define it something so disgusting, animal like.

The wealthy curled darlings of our nation, would ever have, to incur a general mock, Run from her guard age to the sooty bosom Of such a thing as thou, to fear, not to delight 1. Brabantio humiliates Othello with his appearance when he runs away with Desdemona. We do not see any other offense than his race and prejudices based on his race.

Shakespeare manages to convey this idea in Othello with his racist characters such as Iago and Brabantio yet he proves its being a false idea with his character, Othello, who is portrayed as a honest and innocent man who is turned in toa murderer with lagds manipulations. Sooty is synonymous with black, of course. He keeps accusing Othello of magic: Sans witchcraft could Magic was something that associated with blacks at those times.

Since he is black, he can bewitch. It was not because he really did magic through the handkerchief but because the handkerchief has a cultural meaning to him. Their love story was out of sexuality and it was not Othello who forced Desdemona to run away with him. He shows he does have real magic, in the words he uses and the stories he tells. He draws a real imperturbable character that readers appreciate.

The reader feels even more sympathy towards Othello because of lagds hypocritical ehavior. As the play goes on Othello speaks of his own color implying negative connotations it has when his faith in his wife is destroyed because of lagds manipulations on her faithfulness, the Moor sees that her name has become as black as his face: We see how the color issue was widespread among people at those times since even a black person uses his color in order to imply its ad connotations.

Desdemona has always been loyal to his husband, Othello, till the very end. In the play Desdemona is young Venetian woman of high birth and good breeding that is favored by many white young men yet chooses to marry Othello, to a Moor. She does not show less respect to her husband than any other white husband in that time. This seems to be the concept that Shakespeare was playing with. In Act 2, while conversing with Roderigo, Iago states that she will find the fault in her choice because she will notice how Othello lacks,.

All characters seem to see the marriage as becoming an inevitable failure. In Act 3, scene 3, the audience starts to see the methods of Iago in progress to make Othello doubt Desdemona, by making him doubt himself.

Making Othello believe he is an outsider, Iago can also makes him believe that he is lacking in the knowledge of Venetian woman. Doing this Iago is forcing Othello to confide in him for advise about the world of woman. Facing losing Desdemona love to a younger white male is just too much for Othello to handle. The audience then sees Othello make a reference to his blackness in a negative way and starts to compare himself to Cassio. Othello is then deceived very easily by a thin illusion.

After easily falling into this illusion he vows to kill Desdemona, without first confronting her. The ease at which Iago was able to trick Othello was frightening. Iago was able to do this by playing on his insecurities, which a large portion of is his race.

One of the most controversial scenes in Othello happens at the end of the play in the bedchambers. Othello has changed into a savage-like state as everyone had suspected. Emilia expresses her feelings by saying this racist remark,. O, the more angel she, and you the blacker devil!

Othello acknowledges the fact that he is different and realizes his faults. He tells them to speak of him as he truly is, and know that,. Richer than all his tribe act 5. All of this was brought about by Iago, but only because he was able to play on the insecurities that Othello had about his race. Although Othello is not made out to be the cleverest and most cunning character in the play, he does have a certain wit about him that is uncommon among a European Moor.

Othello is also a hero whose life is full of good deeds. With all he has accomplished, he should be able to escape from preconceived notions of his race. But the play shows all too clearly how thin the value of his reputation was, in the eyes of others and to himself. Othello is an example of a noble black man at a time when black men and woman were not known except as slaves.

The racism in the play reduced a black nobleman to a barbarous state, which everyone, at the time the play was written, expected. Without racial issues in the play, the play just would not have been the same. Judging from the entire play I now feel that shakespeare does indeed symopathise for black.

Laurence Fishbourne Irene Jacob Director: Macmillan New York, NY April 27 http: We can write a custom essay. Men and women and their actions, thoughts, and behaviours have been at the centre and focal point in several types of literature.

The relationships between one another have been portrayed in various ways, each one representing each gender differently. The representation of women has been a common and controversial subject.

The female gender roles depicted in each time period have always been present in literature It is completely impossible for any of Shakespeares work to be replicated or reproduced.

Instead many directors use the process of adaptation to tell a modernized version of his stories. There is a little proof that Shakespeare was using Othello to endorse ethnically discriminatory views as suggested by certain critics. Shakespeare has presented Othello to be a dignified person and a Christian. As an alternative, Iago is represented as the most iniquity bad character and also the terrible racist.

Even though there might be a few reasons behind the deceitful actions taken by Iago. Even though he does undergo suspicion about whom his wife would be going out with behind his back and he dislikes Othello because of the promotion he gained which was desired by Iago, but from all of his speeches, the thing which is most obvious is the fact that he dislikes Othello because of the color of his skin.

By putting forward to us the scoundrel of the play to have such deep-seated bigotry; Shakespeare is disapproving all of the people who attack others purely because of the color of their skin or their ethnic group or religion. A contemporary spectator would consequently perceive that in their visualization, correctly, Shakespeare has made an attempt to send out an anti-racist point The Racism in Othello, p.

Considering the fact that there was no real reason for Iago to hate Othello, he starts inventing novel reasons to disgust Othello. He comes up with the idea in his own brain that his wife is cheating on him with Othello. Even as this is perceptibly fallacious, it makes it easier for Iago to have a reason to loathe Othello for reasons other than his skin.

Conclusion In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that Othello is a play written by Shakespeare in which we see how a man full of courage and bravery is tricked upon by the villain of the play. Racial discrimination is a theme that is very prevalent in the play and tells us of how outsiders in the Elizabethan times were treated.

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Othello and Racism Essay. Analysis The chief character of this play goes by the name of Othello, and he seems to be a person who has an unconventional and open personality, which is used by his ensign Iago to dispose of his love for his partner, Desdemona, into an authoritative and reproachful cupidity, which turns him into an assassin.

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- Racism in William Shakespeare's Othello The play, Othello, is certainly, in part, the tragedy of racism. Examples of racism are common throughout the dialog. This racism is directed toward Othello, a brave soldier from Africa and currently supreme commander of the Venetian army.

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Racism is very visible in Othello from Iago, Brabantio, and Othello about Othello. Iago's intents and words show that while some reasons why he is trying to overthrow Othello are because Othello giving away power to someone else, that some can be linked back to his discrimination against Othello.

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Racism in William Shakespeare’s Othello Essay Words | 11 Pages Racism in William Shakespeare’s Othello In William Shakespeare’s tragic play Othello racism is featured throughout, not only by Iago in his despicable animalistic remarks about Othello’s marriage, but also by other characters. Racism in William Shakespeare's Othello Essay Words | 5 Pages Racism in William Shakespeare's Othello The play, Othello, is certainly, in part, the tragedy of racism.

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This supposedly trivial object later becomes the piece of evidence that Iago uses to destroy Othello’s marriage, and as Othello laments at the close of the play, “I had been happy, if the general camp, Pioners and all, had tasted her sweet body, So I had nothing known. Racism in Othello by Shakespear Essay Othello in Shakespeare's play is a black moor from North Africa surrounded by the white society of Venice. Many critics argue against racism in Othello although they believe it has got a racist theme.