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Dream Big and Never Give Up

7 reasons why it is important to never give up

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First of all, not from first try all what you want become in your hand. You may fail more than one time to learn how to stand, just like a baby. I have a lot of dream that I wish to become true, but words is nothing without action. One of my dreams is accepted in the most known university in the United State, and to admit to these colleges I must get a high score in the toefl exam.

At the beginning, it seems so hard with respect to me to achieve ninety marks and above, because I am so bad in English especially in writing and speaking section. I wrote many essay about different subject but my evaluated was low than the requirement. My dream will not break just because this exam, I will try over and over to reach my target, just because I believe on me. Second, sometimes the negative attitude can kill any ambitious.

The person who has a will and insistence can reach to the moon and who give up just from first try can lose many. Sometimes after long waiting and little patient can damage the wall of the despair, may behind this wall a heaven. For instance, my friend graduated from civil engineering department before one year and he didn't find a job, but after his long patient a famous company called him to work with them with great salary.

If they lost their confidence, they will lose everything. Attribute Value Ideal Score: Very Good Excellent No. Key words from essay title. This essay topic by other users: Post date Users Rates More about the essay 2 months 4 weeks ago Pratice 73 Read full essay 3 months 2 weeks ago praewstyles13 70 Read full essay 5 months 2 weeks ago Nadiyahemati 60 Read full essay 1 year 5 months ago iman 70 Read full essay 1 year 8 months ago sarah 70 Read full essay 3 years 4 months ago sunsun 90 Read full essay 3 years 6 months ago sophiacct 90 Read full essay 4 years 9 months ago hajarisfahan More essays by this user: In the long term to success, hope is our belief and it can make us be very strong when we face great difficulties and even want to quit.

Never, never give up always give you a second chance. We may fail sometimes but is absolutely does not mean that we will fail every time. Thomas Edison, one of the most famous inventors in the 20 th century, tried more than one thousand times before he found out that tungsten was the right material for the electric bulb, and so as most of the great scientists in many fields.

When the Curie couple faced failures they never gave up and always told themselves to stick to what they were doing. The real success is always based on a great deal of failure. Psychologists tell is that the influence of what we strongly hold in mind is so important to our career.

First we have to make sure that our goal is achievable and practical then just go for it no matter how difficult it is and we will never lose our passion and will always turn back.

However they kept going because they were holding on to something- There is some good in the world that worth fighting for. No matter how good this nice piece of advice is, it would not always be easy to do exactly what it tells you, that is, to brace up and keep your head above water no matter what happens.

I am not sure it is worth discussing whether this happy-go-lucky motto is in the right or in the wrong. I simply believe that for different people placed in different situations it may mean totally different things. It goes without saying that for some this expression may sound like their personal life slogan. In my view, category of people has the whole life planned out for them in advance.

They are very likely to have a set of short-term and long-terms goals and to do their aim and finally, they would most certainly succeed. Which at first may seem to be a fairly natural run of things? Their second favorite expression may be at first you failed, try and try again.

This is what they do and this is something they are good at. Sometimes it may also seem that they are just awfully stubborn and even stupid, not being able to see that some of their goals are just beyond them. But they still prefer to try to work for their so called goals, regardless. No wants to be loser. At the same time, I have the impression that once in a while? And quite good once in a while it is? It might be useful to be able to face up that facts and realize that some of your goals are too much of a job for you.

This can be called realism though. I believe that this capacity to admit your own failure is a highly important, but incredibly difficult thing to do. Anyway, I suppose that giving up is not a part of human nature. Because if it were, the rate of suicide will be incredible high, because as I understand that is the greatest giving up ever.

If you failed the second time and the third time and then over and again.

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“Never give up” means keep trying and never stop working for your goals. For many people, failure is nothing but the first step towards the success. This should be our approach in life.

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“Never, never give up’ is always the secret to success. Essay/Article – 3 To me personally the expression “Never, never give up” sounds pretty optimistic but not terrible encouraging anyway.

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I believe in never giving up on your dreams. Most people give up on their dreams not because of themselves but almost always because of other people around them telling them they can’t do something. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Never Give Up.

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That is one lesson I learned when I was very young. I was born and raised in Vietnam but I came to the United States when I was eight with an older sister. I came over here without any knowledge of English. I was new to the environment, the people, and the place and everything seem very twisted /5(3). The expression “Never give up” means to keep trying and never stop working for your goals. I agree with this statement. I think this statement is true because you can be whatever you want to be, you just have to set your mind to it and work for it. If you work hard enough, you [ ].