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An Essay on the United Nations Organization (UNO)

The New Internationalism: The Fact and the Response

❶Over the past two years these countries have been fighting and they have now just contacted the United Nation to establish peace.

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The secretariat of the UN draws its staff from the member nations. The head of the Secretariat is called the Secretary General. One should attempt to asses what has really changed since and what has not changed. The biggest triumph of the U. The struggle for peace, justice and human dignity waged at the U. Their support for it can make the repetitive setbacks a growing success.

The utility of the U. So far it has dealt with a few problems. It has achieved partial success. In many cases it ahs failed, while in few cases it has succeeded. It is criticized for its failure. Of course, much can be said on both sides. It is, however, certain that it ahs justified its existence as the most practical instrument for peace ever devised through voluntary co-operation among different nations.

So far it has refused to be a tool in the hands of any nation. During his management of the United Nation, he promoting sustainability development, empowering women in the administrative, supporting countries facing crisis and problem, generating new momentum on disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation and strengthen the United Nations until it success.

A lot of reformation that he make since his management. It is clearly shown when he empowering women in administrative. He does not hesitated to give high position to women in the organization. Some people just think that women should be in home and unworthy to govern an organization. Their low thinking like this has been changed by Ban Ki-Moon since his administration.

A lot of improvement we can see in the countries of United States. As we know, before this there is a war between the countries that can destroy the world and make innocent people been killed. At its founding, the United Nation had 51 member states and there are now The United Nations was born of the need to mediate the conflict in the international community through a negotiation process.

Declaration eventually followed by the formulation of the Charter of the United Nations at the conference in San Francisco, held 25 April Conference attended by 50 countries from different continents. The declaration was signed by 26 countries to press Germany, Italy, and Japan who became the war. The finances that earned by this United Nation is voluntarily contributed by its own member states.

This organization was established to:. To develop friendly relations among nations on principles of equal rights and self- determination. In order to achieve their objective ,United Nation have been facing many challenges in their organization such as:.

As we know before this United Nation has been established, people from all countries were fighting among them.

A lot of innocent people including woman and children had been killed from this war. Bloodshed happened over the world are very sad and small children have to live in fear. They had to look and face the situation that they should not at their age. Starting birth, humans have had rights that must be upheld and recognized everyone. Human right must be protected because now people are prohibited to be a slave to other people.

So people have the right to give their opinion for what the best for them. They also have the right to choose their way of life. To maintain international peace and security, United Nation has been established after the world -war II.

They realized that war cannot bring anything good to the country and also themselves. They cannot live in peace, always fight with each other and every day their country have been bombed by enemies. They always live in fear. So with the United Nation it can bring international peace and security to the world. Fostering social in a simple word means a system that unites people from various countries were guided by their own ideologies that can form an identity and values and national spirit.

When every human being from various countries cooperates with each other it automatically can lead to economic development. It will bring advantage to all the countries and also the netizen.

The use of biological weapons such as anthrax and chemical weapons such as nerve gas in war and many terrorist attacks is growing and becoming the latest threat to the world. The use of both types of these weapons much adverse effect on society and the world. And also, it can effects the environment. United Nation objectives are to protect the environment so that people can live in the green environment.

Their health also can be protected from dangerous disease. This earthquake triggered giant tsunami waves that reached a height of It moved Honshu 2. As one of the members of the United Nations, Japan has provided assistance in terms of food, improvement and other aid. From the helped, it slightly reduced the burden on the Japanese people that lived around that area.

The same situation also happened in Indonesia, Africa and other countries. Recalling that the peoples of the United Nations are determined to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours. Bearing in mind the importance of maintaining and strengthening international peace founded upon freedom, equality, justice and respect for fundamental human rights and of developing friendly relations among nations irrespective of their political, economic and social systems or the levels of their development.

United Nation has changed their idea to the sustainable development because of climate change issue. The Millennium Development Goals is a success way until now. The global extreme poverty rate has been continuing to decline at the low rate. More children finally can attend primary school or kindergarten. The most surprised are the death of the child has been dropped dramatically. About billions of people finally gained access to an improved drinking water source. They can drink a healthy water instead of pollution water.

Disease like malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis can be reduced. It saved many people in the world. Plans are now being made within the United Nation system to ensure that sustainable development goals can be met, as well.

At the Climate Summit in September at UN Headquarters in New York, global leaders from government, business, finance and civil society came together to announce bold commitments to eight action areas in the fight against climate change. Agreement about the universal climate has been signed in Paris. The agreement provides a pathway forward to limit temperature rise to well below 2 degrees, maybe even 1. Humanity may face a grim future if urgent action on climate change by the international community been ignored.

Maintaining international peace and security, United Nation makes all its work more effective and efficient because by keeping the peace, the organization can finally focus on solving the global issues, instead of resolving conflicts among the people in this world.

Unfortunately, recent peace and security challenges in areas force the organization to limit its presence have tested its ability to maintain the peace. Place that United Nation presence it has come under attack. The UN try to maintain international peace and security in a world where security threats now become more complicated.

Although the organization has more success but it also faced a challenge that makes them unsuccessful. Hundred thousand of people have died around the world as conflict have recently mounted. UN as a relatively soft target has been the victim of attacks resulting in the tragic loss of life.

With the complicated installation and growing cost of handling the crisis situation, the imperative of conflict prevention is higher than before. First, man resorts to war to solve some problem or the other but when no solution is in sight, he yearns for peace.

Again, during peace time, he keeps his gun powder dry. He keeps the nation alert and fully prepared. Indeed, he thinks that military preparedness is a good deterrent to war. In this manner, the vicious circle of war and peace goes on in the world.

It failed to stop war and establish peace in the world. Within 20 years of the setting up of this world body, the Second World War broke out in It was started by Germany. The war engulfed many countries of the world. It resulted in huge loss of life and property. It was during this war that U. It brought untold human sufferings to the Japanese. The horrors of this war compelled the nations to think of peace again.

The consensus of opinion among the nations was that instead of reviving the League of Nations, it would be better to establish a new international organisation. Accordingly, on 26th January, , representatives of 50 Nations met at San Francisco and unanimously passed the Charter of the United Nations. The main object in establishing this new body was to save the succeeding generations from the scourge of war which had brought untold sorrow and misery to mankind during the two World Wars.

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- The United Nations The United Nations is an organization of sovereign nations not a world government. It provides the machinery to help find solutions to disputes or problems, and to deal with virtually any matter of concern to humanity.

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The United Nations Organization was founded in soon after the end of the Second World War. It is a world body with a large number of sovereign states as its members. Similarly at end of the First World War, the League of Nations was formed.

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Essay on the United Nations Organization. Advertisements: After the First World War, people felt the necessity of an international organisation charged with the task of maintaining global peace. Thus, the League of Nations was the outcome of that feeling, after the 1st Great War. - United Nations The League of Nations now called the United Nations was founded in The League of Nations was composed shortly after the first world war in order to prevent any more wars. The League of Nations collapsed in

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Essay on The United Nations Charter Words | 12 Pages league such as France and Britain, but the United States, who’s President had originally promoted the creation of the League of Nations, ended up not joining after the . “The UN is made up of nations from around the world. It is frequently called the UN. It was established in soon after the Second World War as a means of bringing people together and to avoid war.