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❶There were households out of which He planned to help me with my work.

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Example sentences containing 'helper'
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To succor, still more formal and literary, is to give timely help and relief in difficulty or distress: Succor him in his hour of need. Help but, in sentences like She's so clever you can't help but admire her, has been condemned by some as the ungrammatical version of cannot help admiring her, but the idiom is common in all kinds of speech and writing and can only be characterized as standard.

Related Words advice use service support comfort hand benefit cooperation aid guidance worker bolster save serve encourage cooperate maintain back push further. Historical Examples That you will take tea with us to-morrow evening, and help us do justice to them. Brave and Bold Horatio Alger. The Spenders Harry Leon Wilson.

Ancient Man Hendrik Willem van Loon. See also help out. A domestic servant of American birth, and without negro blood in his or her veins Mackay, "Life and Liberty in America," ]. In addition to the idioms beginning with help helping hand help oneself help out also see: Nearby words for help helophyte helot helotism helotomy helotry help.

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You must be logged in to post a comment. Enter your keyword Search. Read on to find out. Not sure whether to use "affect" or "effect? Check out our grammar section for helpful tips and references that will make your usage of grammar shine! Confused about when to use a period or a comma?

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Jul 29,  · With English Helper, you can make use of the integrated English spell and grammar checker to improve your writing skill, the English text to speech for your listening and reading skill and the English speech regconization for your speaking mihtorg.gaing System: Windows All. British English: helper NOUN A helper is a person who helps another person or group with a job they are doing. The cook and her helpers provided us with refreshment.