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Measurement of the moment of inertia of a flywheel

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Measurement of the moment of inertia of a disc
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The flywheel consists of a heavy circular disc or wheel with a strong axle mounted on ball bearings on two fixed wheel can be rotated in a vertical plane about the horizontal is used to determine the moment of inertia.

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The moment of inertia of the flywheel and axle is I. The flywheel is accelerated by the couple applied by the mass m. The mass is allowed to fall through a height h at which point the string leaves the axle. The velocity of the falling mass at this instant is v and the angular velocity of the flywheel ω.

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Experiment: Determination of moment of Inertia of a Fly Wheel. Theory: Suppose, angular velocity of a wheel is ω and its radius r. Then lineal velocity of the wheel is, v = ωr. If the moment of inertia of a body is I and the wheel is rotating around an axle. To determine the MOI of Flywheel by falling object. The procedure to perform the experiment is also explained. moment of inertia of a flywheel experiment.

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KEEE EXPERIMENT U4: MOMENT OF INERTIA OF FLYWHEEL MOHD FUAD BIN SARMAN (KEE ) DEMONSTRATOR: ABSTRACT In this experiment, the moment of inertia of flywheel is being studied by variating the point of mass of flywheel. The experiment is conducted by recording the time taken for the. THE FLYWHEEL. The moment of inertia, I, is determined by imagining that the body is divided into a number of. infinitesimal elements of mass /mi each at a distance ri from the axis of rotation.