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Argumentative essays also use a narrow topic but only use one or two elements from your hypothesis. The hypothesis may state:. Problem — "Sentencing drug offenders to lengthy prison terms overcrowd the prison.

Solution — "Sentence drug offenders according to their situation rather than their crime. Focusing on one problem or one solution keeps the paper concise and prevents the reader from feeling overwhelmed. While this system may not work for every criminal justice research project, it does serve as a starting point to guide your research and analysis.

A criminal justice paper starts by choosing a specific topic. Start with a general problem i. Looking at other's topics will help you narrow your subject and find a point of interest.

Remember your page restrictions. Some writers are faced with the problem of including vast amounts of research in as little space as possible. Prevent page overages by narrowing your topic even further is possible. Review existing expert theoretical material to guide your process and flesh out the hypothesis. Criminal justice research focuses on theories combined with already proven evidence.

Most of these theories focus on a specific issue or problem. Review existing theories other experts have already considered. Consider their approach and determine whether you agree with their assessment, then explain your reasoning. EBSCOhost maintains a library of peer-reviewed articles.

This information will help guide your research and reduce problems when organizing your paper. Reviewing theoretical material should be a starting point to help guide your process. Choose whether to use original research, existing expert data, or a combination of the two. Before conducting any research, you have to determine what type of data you are going to use and how to obtain it.

Most researchers use different types of research in their criminal justice paper. Primary research is performed using your own methodology. Conduct surveys by preparing questions designed to gather necessary information about the targets. Case studies investigate the issue by looking through police records, medical histories, court records, or life histories.

Use your topic, theoretical material, and research question to create a hypothesis and thesis statement. Some criminal justice papers will make claims that are not backed by evidence.

It is one thing to say that prisons increase drug abuse in prisoners, but such a statement requires evidence and proof to make it valid. Use primary research or gather information from peer-reviewed journals and government databases.

All sources, evidence, and research material should come from your own primary research or peer-reviewed data. Peer-reviewed means at least three experts in that field reviewed the data for honesty, integrity, accuracy, and accepted methodology. Evaluate your sources to make sure they meet all appropriate guidelines. All research used in your criminal justice paper should come from reputable sources that have been vetted by a board of review or are government-conducted research.

Good sources include United States government databases on crime statistics, as well as peer-reviewed journals and publications that feature cutting-edge and verified research on important topics regarding our subject. Make sure to use only the most relevant and verified sources for our information.

When it comes to the field of criminal justice and the law, there is a great deal of misinformation available that is incredibly biased. The last thing you want to do is write a criminal justice paper only to find out that the information used is inaccurate or out of date.

Enhance your criminal justice research by evaluating peer-reviewed journals and government data at EBSCOhost. Purdue OWL offers online resources that cover a wide range of formats, styles, and topics. The writing lab also offers writers practice material to help strengthen their skills.

Ultius also has put together sample papers that give writers a visual reference. These papers are written by professional writers in the field and show how to use citations, quotes, and visual elements. This service is often free through most library memberships and provides a large database of peer-reviewed journals, government records and data, and theoretical material created by experts in the criminal justice field. Ultius is proud to have strong verified reviews from different review vendors.

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Our experts are waiting for your order. These are some of the reasons that makes us the best: This is something also applicable to things such as the sale of drugs or illegal immigration. The social learning theory is a theory which purports that people will become motivated to commit certain crimes based on those with whom they associate. This is one particularly important when studying recidivism rates because it lends itself to the idea that those who might fall under the string theory or social disorganization theory could eventually succumb to social learning theory especially if they are put into prison for an extended period of time.

A young child who grows up in a poor neighborhood and cannot find employment opportunities might succumb to social disorganization theory and commit a small robbery in order to feed his family. This small robbery can land the individual in jail where he associates with other criminals who have different skill sets and eventually it comes to social learning theory which leads him to commit more serious and violent crimes upon his release, contributing to high recidivism rates.

There are many technologies used today to enhance our understanding of crimes and criminal behavior. It can also be used for electronic image storing or exchanging fingerprints and responses. The AFIS maintained by the FBI is the second largest biometric databases throughout the world, containing records of over sixty six million subjects.

With a fingerprint there is an associated criminal history for each subject alongside over twenty five million civil fingerprints. This technology has helped prevent criminal behavior by subjecting anyone interested in employment with a house for vulnerable minors to a fingerprint and background check to verify any criminal record. Any criminal history is catalogued alongside non-criminal source information such as employment background checks. During an investigation, criminal justice agencies can request a search through IAFIS while they are undergoing a criminal investigation.

Instead of making an impression onto a piece of paper with ink, the fingerprint is placed onto the glass which is above a camera unit and pressed flat and rolled to give an impression. Once this is done, fingerprint technicians scan the print and use computer algorithms to mark the deltas, cores, and minutia points on the finger which runs the results through a search and processes which matches are of the highest quality.

Facial recognition is a computer application which can automatically identify an individual through a video source. It uses either a digital image or a video frame to compare certain facial features to the database of facial features. This can be used in conjunction with fingerprint systems to provide additional assurance of the identity.

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