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❶It IS a sw problem! I do not have a iTunes account, apple phone, cloud or any other account associated with this company.

The Email Address to Send Email to Apple Store Canada Contact:

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The Physical Address Location of Apple Itunes Support Canada is Provided as:

Please contact me and credit me! I am being charge 9. I called my cell phone carrier and they informed me that the charge was from itune. Please stop billing me for service and refund my account for prevous month. I am looking forward to recieve additional information on this issue.

I need someone to contact me about an unauthorized attempt to charge my credit card through an iTunes scam. Your phone message is rude. I should be able to talk to someone who will cancel and refund the charges without buying services. So not customer friendly!! From the looks of the above comments iTunes is scamming a lot of people. Please refund, thank you. It is not a customer friendly service.

I have a problem with billing. I received a bill for For Bigo live broadcasting from Marshall, mn. Which is not mine. My experience with iTunes support team has been a nightmare. I have bill issue I tunes keeps coming out of my bank every month I need to know how to stop it. I Tunes has me on hold right now. In some cases I have partial albums, in others I only have digital booklets.

I am also missing entire albums. My Apple ID has been disabled and I can no update any of my apps. I also bought a new IPad that I can not use totally.

Please contact me with HELP!!!! I was told it might make a difference to post some feedback this morning by the person at apple I just spoke with. How am I able to findout who ordered these charges. I really just want to cancel my services period on my iPad. There ought to be a way to send an email. I waited yesterday for live chat and never received any time.

I talked to nice tech support person who said the app purchased on July 18, was not compatible with my iPad. I do not have unlimited minutes on my phone so this is costing me money to dispute this. Please refund my charge card. Your customer service is very useless. I have been trying on line, and through your various numbers to resolve a very simple problem. Requested a live agent even! Apparently there are none.

Recording just asked more questions that have nothing to do with my problem then hanging up after telling me to go to a site that I was already unsuccessful at.

No information on what app they are for. The only online account info I can access is the store where you want me to buy more.

I simply want to know which app is being paid for on which date every month. How can I get a statement? I have been billed unauthorized ITunes charges. You guys make it soo hard to get the issue resolve. You should be able to call a number and speak with a live person. I sent you two emails regarding fraudulent activity on my iTunes account and this has not been sorted out.

I was almost a part of a scam regarding the functioning of my computer. A person called me and he was able to take over my computer.

He asked for money via my credit card to clean up viruses. I failed to enter correct credit card information, so he told me to go to Walmart and purchase 3 I was to return and give him the numbers from them. I would like to return the cards for a refund. Can you tell me what I need to do to return them for a refund. I want my money credited back to my account. I never try to buy I tunes but every time they charge me and took out money from my credit card, why are they doing this?

Before one time happened same case and I call them and they gave my money back and I told them remove my card from your system but again they took my money? So how can I get my refund my i tunes store? I was on hold for close to an hour yesterday. Then my called was disconnected. Tonight the offices are closed at 8 p. I entered a valid credit card number in order to download updates and then received an email with charges from a month prior.

I am trying to get some help with My iPhone 5s ring tones. I have been trying to contact someone in billing to let them know my credit card has some changes to it. I have a new expiration date. I keep getting cut off and referred to the internet. I need a phone number and address where I know the information I have given you is enough. I had a purchase on my account got an email about that purchase tried to cancel it was sent to a link that was asking for all my personal information and Social Security number why the hell does apple need my Social Security number How my supposed to trust you now.

I have received several notices from the iTunes stating that I have made purchases from different places across the globe. I have never purchased anything from iTunes. I did not order anything. On how to report this scam. Seriously — you NEED to provide info. You charged me for the same ringtones and txt messages tone twice the charge is for 8.

I want to purchase a movie lites on the iTunes Store but there is no purchase or rental price. It is Laure and Hardy: I need information on my billing account. Please can you forward me their details as I need someone to explain. Is there a way to download a older the last iTunes on a computer before this new update. I still want to be able to do my ringtones and apps within iTunes. How can I do for me as soon as you can pls.

I have a charge on my credit card which I have no knowledge of and cannot speak to anyone so I guess I will just get my bank to remove it. I let my grandaughter use my credit card for 1 purchase and the billing to my account has never stopped. I need to hear from someone, it was almost impossible to find a way to contact you. This customer service sucks!!! This is nothing but a run around. There is nothing on an ITunes Account. Your phone numbers and web site just take a person in circles. One leads to the other and that one leads you back to where you began, with no results.

One hell of a system for ripping people off. I did not get 1, points ether. Please do not charge to my credit card anymore without my permiton. Seems numerous customers are experiencing the same problems which is obviously a scam practice for Apple I Tunes in general. I have been on the phone on hold for over 25 minutes and still no response, that is obviously part of your scam practice. My daughter, without my permission, purchased on iTunes with a American Express debit card which must be used as a credit card, because it is a sub account to my account.

These are from this month and last. Can someone call me to discuss? She calmed me down and gave me all the credit she possible could for the last 90 days. I have been charged for something I did not order and am not sure how the account was charged but I do want my money refunded since I did not make this charge and nobody in my family would have had access to this account.

I do not have an iTunes account, and this is the second such notice I have received the other being for a smaller amount. This is precisely why I never wanted an iTunes account, and since there is no easier way to complain have sent this e-mail. Hello I am Alma Ivonne Garza, the reason why I send this message is because they are making me a charge of 8. I cannot get a reply to my problem — I accidently got signed up for premium, I quickly cancelled my subscription immediately after I tried to get back to my free, no adds app that I had before I lost it off of my iphone.

It is still available on my ipads. Please tell me how to get my original itunes program I had. I am waiting for a response from itunes, i left a message last week.

I do not want premium. I want the free, no adds program that I had on my iphone. I have it on my inepads but lost it somehow on my phone. In trying to get it back I accidently got premium but quickly cancelled the premium and asked for help in getting back the free, no apps program that I had. I am not financially able to do this anymore. I need help figuring out which charge is for what.

Hello, my name is Linda. They told me I needed to contact your office. I have the copy of what I had received in my email. If you have an email address, I could forward it to you.

Thank you for your help in this matter. I was on the phone trying to talk to a agent and no one picked up the line.

I was on the phone for 35 min. I lost my credit card used for automatic iTunes payment. Can somone contact me about these charges as I did not order these items.

I would also like a refund. I did not authorize these fraud purchases. Hello, I have a posting on my credit card for 99 cents, which I believe is for I-Cloud.

I wanted to give you a new one for the upcoming months, but no one answers your phone service. How do I update this? Igets hung up when i click. I need to get in there to get some files. I am deleteing all my credit cards and am not sure how to let them know to stop[ charging these cards. Why am I getting charged 9. I have never subscribed to I-tunes. I have been getting billed on my credit card for the last 5 months for 99cents a month for Apple ITunes. I do not use ITunes nor do I have an account for this.

I need this cancelled and refunded the 99cents x 5. I would like to speak with someone and resolve this issue. Thank you for your attention to this message. I would like to speak with a representative to have these issues resolved. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am having an issues with iTunes.. I never requested them and have for the past year tried to cancel a subscription I never had.

I even have put block on credit card which somehow they are still charging… I have emailed them and the response from them was keep it you might want it.. Your customer service regarding an overcharge on my account is absolutely terrible. I have been getting charged for month for some itune crap. I was informed several months ago that this charge is for a service that was included i a pass up grade. I have tried in vain to contact customer service by phone with no success.

Please I would like for this to stop and a refund for the many months this was billed to my account. I have submitted a request to stop billing my account for a service that is provided through a recent ungrade. I am absolutely disappointed with your service. You billed my account, and has not refunded me, despite my request. This was concern which, prompted my initial reluctance to link my credit card to iTunes.

I recently received a notification that there was billed for Mobile Legends: Can you verify this for me? What messed up system you have. I am trying to change the credit card that I have automatic charges for I tunes. All I get is recording then hang up. Why can I talk to a live person.

I have been hacked on my iTunes account. I have been on hold for 20 minutes waiting for a customer service rep. All I get from the phone number is a recording. I woulds appreciate the help. I asked the bank if they could block this transaction but they told me that the only thing I could do is cancel my card. Please refund my accounts immediately. I currently have a monthly iTunes charge on my credit card but I have a new credit card number to use.

Who do I call to change my account information and update my CC? If not, I can select a link to cancel. There are too many charges being charged to my account you have charges me 2. I do not have a iTunes account, apple phone, cloud or any other account associated with this company. I had to put a stop on my bank card and put in a fraud report through the bank. I tunes has no one to handle the problem, I full expect a refund immediately! Please cancel my subscription and refund gor Apple Music you said I was getting free week and immediately charged.

I have been using Itunes to play movies while on remote work sights. Now all of a sudden I get sound and a black screen — no movie What gives? My wife sent me an iTunes card but forgot to send me the scratch numbers instead she sent me the serial numbers. How does happen, when will it stop, How do I get my money back and what do I do to not let this happen again. Can you give me the number to call to get it taken care of?

I think it would be nice to have a phone number to call and talk to someone.. I hope that doing it this way works… I will be checking my account to make sure… Thank You.

I recently had a charge for an app that I did not authorize. I have tried all of the number and all am getting is music choses and no one is coming on the line.

I can never get anywhere with my billing issues. I am not going through cancelling my card again this time. I think, at this point, damages are also in order. I am so upset with the charges on my bank account. It appears that I have accidentally ordered a service for music or books, not even sure..

I have amazon prime why would I need either. I am unable to speak so anyone and want the charges to stop. I really wish someone would answer a call. Very discouraged and sad…. Several of my recently downloaded songs either begin late or end early. How to resolve this problem? This is nothing but a Rip OFF!!! I have been trying all day to reach someone to help me.

Two recent charges to my Discover card I am Disputing 1. I donot want this please remove this charge. I did not make this charge please remove this charge. Both are in processing still on my account. Any guest ions please email me.

Also let me know when they are removed. I have a recurring charge on my credit card and I have no idea what it is for. Please remove immediately as I did not order this. Your email address will not be published. Who ever is responsible for selling this chips of zynga poker is a lier.

How do I transfer music library on my computer to the I tunes library? Would appreciate if you would offer the music: If you buy an and its got problems You cannot down load it again, it sucks. I play a game on your apps called the hobbit kom which is owners are kabam. Thanks, William Glenn Clodfelter. I want to put my account on hold,so please do not take any thing out of my account. What kind of shenanigans are you guys pulling with this ITunes scam!!! Until this is removed from my phone I will no longer be purchasing any music.

I have chargers on my card and i dont know why I need to be contacted asap please thank you. How do I stop the unlimited music billing each month. It stops playing at 41 minutes. What should I do. Did not make this charge. I lost my iTune card I need help to stop anyone from using them or get my refune. Why am I being billed. Customer service, what customer service. If you find customer at I Tunes please let know.

I would like to cancel my i tunes subscription, how o I go about doing this? How long will it take for a response? I think I will file a Better Business Bureau complaint! I do not want to purchase emoji keyboard. How can I get it off my credit card? Other than Ebay, Apple support is the worst experience I have ever had in business!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need to talk to someone LIVE …not some robot. I appreciate your prompt attention. Thank you, Susan Jeanguenat. Exhausting and horrible- I keep getting charges on my credit card and no one will help. Please refund me my money. I have been on hold 30 minutes so far, still have not talked tp a representative.

What is this fee for? I am getting charges on my account that I am unsure of the source. Will someone be emailing me? I am getting charges to my account from Apple Itunes and I do not know what they are from. Again, how can I get to talk to someone that can remove the charges from my credit card. Its effective To best experience for education for students, Creative Professionals and consumer around the world. Apple launches a various type of products as like computer desktop or laptop, I Phones, Portable Media players Software and many more products which uses advance Technology.

Apple support is the most powerful in the world for the online solution. If you have any kind of technical errors or issues then contact apple expert team. Apple Tech Support always available for the technical solution. They are online service providers and instantly remove your technical problem. Call our Apple Support Number for Help. We provide a dedicate Executives Who provide real-time Apple Services And software maintained Service at your own place online.

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Instant repair and diagnose all Apple issues. Support for Apple Air and Mac book problems.

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